Contextual advertising (PPC): right on target

Do you need to attract traffic to the website, promote products and services, increase sales, increase brand awareness, or let your customers know about promotions and events? You can do this quickly using PPC.

What does it mean? PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a universal Internet marketing tool for displaying text, media, products, and other ads to users, considering the content of pages viewed or the search query.

The contextual advertising (AC) campaign strategy and cost depend on many factors, like business area, competition, advertising campaign geography, promotion tools, key queries’ relevance, ad display time, click-through rate, etc.

Why should you order contextual advertising?

Order contextual advertising PPC

PPC advertising can be an effective promotion channel for businesses operating for many years and startups. The main advantages of contextual advertising services are:

  1. Maximum visibility in search results — advertising on the search network should make your company known to as many people as possible among the target audience (leads). As for young companies, this can help them enter the competitive market.
  2. Targeted settings — audience targeting — contextual advertising enables you to optimize your audience and monitor the effectiveness of each segment.
  3. Quick start with a limited budget — you can purchase targeted traffic to your website and test its effectiveness without waiting for it to rise organically in search results. We cooperate with medium-sized and small businesses with minimal budgets.
  4. Flexible cost management — if you know the current prices for contextual advertising and the cost per click/action, you can quickly adjust the advertising campaign.

Common types of contextual advertising and their differences

Ordering contextual advertising

DMark Marketing Agency offers contextual advertising in the following areas:

  1. Text advertising in search results — users see such advertising on Google and other search engines when they type specific keywords in the search bar. As a result, they receive a relevant response in the form of an advertisement to the request, while the advertiser gets a potential customer who wants to buy a product or service.
  2. Banner or display advertising (GDN) — we use static and dynamic banners to promote products and services. The effectiveness of content distribution depends on targeting — selecting the audience based on purchasing power, age, interest, and city of residence. It also includes the use of such resources as Discovery Ads, Gmail, and Google Maps.
  3. Video advertising — creating and maintaining contextual advertising of this type involves showing an advertising video to users before or while they watch a video on YouTube and other resources. It is often used as remarketing.
  4. Commercial advertising — we are talking about using the capabilities of the Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping platforms. In addition to the text ad, a potential buyer will see the product’s photo and price, the store name, and other extended information in a separate block of search results.
  5. Performance Max — a combined type of advertising — is the simultaneous use of the above ACs and automated AI-based statistics analysis. It is ideal for consumer goods and when you can obtain a big array of data on traffic and its effectiveness.

What advertising campaign should you choose for your business?

Our professionals will help you determine the right advertising strategy for your business and choose the appropriate campaign and optimal targeting and bid management settings.

Individual solutions only

There are many solutions, but we consider the proper one individually for each client.

For example, after making certain statistical conclusions, we can select smart commercial advertising by setting the “purchase” conversion goal and “maximum conversion value” bids with a particular target profitability value.

PPC services: how we work

Order Google Ads advertising

Our main objective is to provide customers with the most effective PPC promotion based on their tasks and budget. First of all, we recommend ordering Google Ads advertising. There are several reasons for that:

  • Advertising is displayed immediately after its placement in the world’s largest search engine Google, on its partner network’s websites, and in the global video hosting YouTube, and only those who search can see it.
  • The audit of an advertising campaign is always transparent as we provide reporting regularly: after each reporting period, at the end of a specific project stage, or at any of the intermediate stages.
  • You pay only on an as-received basis, that is, for a specific action (for example, for clicking on an advertisement and going to a specific page on your website).

What sets professional contextual advertising apart?

A contextual advertising agency always considers the specifics of a particular business and its marketing strategy. It allows us to provide contextual advertising services professionally and also on a turnkey basis:

  • We will select key phrases for a specific business and create a semantic core, considering the competitiveness of queries and the requirements of contextual advertising.
  • We will create an advertising account (including Google Merchant) and set up a payment profile.
  • We will launch advertising campaigns and create ad groups with an optimal structure for the target website.
  • We will develop the most clickable content (advertising or banners) by involving professional copywriters and web designers.
  • We will provide contextual advertising setup services if advertising campaigns have already been created. We will optimize the ad group setting fields and improve advertisements display and their extensions. We will make fine-grained targeting settings and adjustments in keyword lists and negative keywords based on an analysis of current statistics.
  • We will help you set up conversion analytics, accounting, and KPIs.
  • We will help you manage your budget to optimize costs (allocation of advertising funds) and obtain the maximum return on investment (ROI).

What is the cost of contextual advertising?

We offer optimal prices for contextual advertising and can always scale the scope of services depending on your budget.

Find out our prices for Google contextual advertising and other services in the table below. For your convenience, we have created several PPC service packages for various strategies. Choose your package, and contact our team member if you have any questions.

If you need to promote your website on Google using integrated advertising, set up contextual advertising with website search engine optimization (SEO). It will ensure the website’s maximum visibility by the most important selling queries.

Frequently asked questions about PPC

What does setting up contextual advertising include?

– Analyzing your company, marketing strategy, and competitors.
– Auditing your website and landing page.
– Developing the promotion strategy within the contextual advertising.
– Collecting semantics and breaking down keys by priorities and groups.
– Creating and setting up an advertising account (if you don’t already have one).
– Creating advertising campaigns and ad groups per the agreed strategy and semantics.
– Creating advertisements, extensions, and banners.
– Setting up audiences and targeting.
– Selecting landing pages.
– Setting up analytics systems.
– Reporting.

Can you guarantee new customers?

Getting leads is the main objective we will help you achieve. However, the final result depends not only on the targeted traffic but the website quality, the level of your company recognition, and trust in your brand.
We guarantee the proper setup of advertising campaigns and attract targeted traffic by key phrases, which will maximize the likelihood of attracting new customers.

Why do you need monthly contextual advertising maintenance?

After setting up and launching the PPC campaign, you need to analyze statistics regularly, work with key phrases and negative words, optimize advertisements and extensions, add new ad groups, and analyze the effectiveness of each area. When working with media networks, we remove ineffective websites from impressions and adjust ad creatives (if necessary). Otherwise, the traffic volume and quality will begin declining.

What is the budget for contextual advertising?

The budget depends on your business objectives, competition in your industry, and the platforms you choose. All this determines the cost per click. And, of course, the more traffic you want to receive, the bigger budget you need.

What determines the cost per click in contextual advertising?

– Competition for keywords.
– Ad click-through rate (CTR).
– The landing page or website quality.
– Ad relevance, etc.

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