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DMark is passionate about developing high-quality websites. When providing web development services, we consider the Internet marketing strategy — target audience, USP, and business structure. Our websites help build and develop a business.

Advantages of ordering web development services from us

Website development services

Our team can implement any project on a turnkey basis:

  • Develop a new website as per the customer’s specifications (SOW);
  • Make adjustments to the existing web resource;
  • Implement various design ideas – from banners to websites.

We understand that both search promotion and sales in general depend on the quality of the site. Therefore, we offer:

  • Optimal site structure — we consider the specifics of a particular business, its requirements, resources, and priorities.
  • Custom design — we develop unique and state-of-art websites.
  • Mobile-friendly — adaptive design for all devices.
  • Technical optimization — our website development services guarantee performance and security.

How do we develop websites?

Custom website development starts with consultations, completing a brief, and determining costs. After the first stage:

  • We collect and analyze information to understand the client’s objectives and requirements.
  • We develop website creation specifications for web designers, front-end and back-end developers, and other professionals.
  • We create an interface, a layout, and program.
  • Conduct testing and optimization to check the website's functionality and improve its performance.
  • Launch and support: the development process ends with the project launch and technical support.

Web development: these services are available to everyone

Web Development Services

DMark’s team of professionals uses a wide range of markup and programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc. This allows us to provide web development services in various areas:

  • Create business card websites — simple and stylish web pages for businesses;
  • Develop landing pages — one-page websites focused on lead generation;
  • Develop online stores — full-featured platforms for e-commerce with the functions necessary for online sales and ordering services;
  • Launch corporate websites — technically complex web projects for companies and organizations;
  • Create websites using a website builder — we can launch a project on such websites as “Khoroshop,” “Prom,” etc. at low prices.

For more information on this service or to order web development, contact the DMark manager. We are ready to develop a project for you and provide online advertising advertising services on the Internet at reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is better — CMS or framework?

These tools serve different tasks. CMS is a ready-made system for launching a website with a basic set of functionality, including an administrative panel. The framework is a set of libraries to create websites with extensive functionality. The price for the second option is higher.

How quickly can we get a website?

The timing depends on the website type. For example, landing page development takes from 2 weeks, and launching a turnkey online store takes 2 to 3 months. We always agree on the time before starting work.

Will the new website be responsive and SEO-optimized?

Your website will be adaptive and ready for further promotion in search engines. But please note that the cost of creating a website does not include SEO services.

Will support be provided, and can the website be improved after launch?

We will make sure that your web resource functions smoothly. You can discuss the terms and conditions for the website maintenance and update after launch with our manager.

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