Privacy Policy

DMark online marketing agency takes the utmost responsibility in complying with the requirements for website users’ confidentiality and information security. We are guided by the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data” and other current laws of Ukraine. We work with two types of information:

1. Personal data: person name, entity name, email address, phone number, social media accounts, and other contact details.

2. Technical information: browser type, IP-address, content of cookies, etc.

Why We Collect and Store Your Information

The website administrator uses the personal and technical information received solely for the work-related purposes and establishing the more efficient interaction with users. In this way, we solve the following issues:

  • we organize feedback for consultations;
  • we inform on services and prices, including by mailing;
  • we analyse available statistics and conduct researches;
  • we improve the site functionality and its security;
  • we provide access to services and platforms of DMark partners; and
  • we process requests from potential clients for cooperation.

IMPORTANT! Another goal we pursue is to determine the exact location of a user, which is important not only for ensuring security, but also for preventing possible fraud.

Technologies for Collecting and Storing Personal Data

Information is collected both by automated means and manually. The storage periods for the received data are determined individually, but they can be promptly deleted at the request of the information owner for other reasons.

DMark team will use all available methods and technologies to protect your information (both organisational and technical). We try to promptly prevent unlawful actions of third parties: accidental or intentional access, copying, deletion, distortion, and/or distribution.

Parties’ Obligations and Rights You Need To Know About

Users of the site https://dmark.pro/ have two main responsibilities – provide a set of necessary information and promptly update the data in case of any changes in it. We, in turn, will:

  • use the information received only for its intended purpose and only subject to the law;
  • take measures to preserve and comply with confidentiality requirements; and
  • immediately block data at the request of the owner or authorized body.

The website users have the right to familiarise themselves with the methods of collecting information, technologies for its processing and storage, and access to their data and receive timely information on what actions have been taken with them. The website representative has the right to transfer data to third parties to fulfil the obligations specified in a contract and improve the provision of information and advertising services.

Parties’ Responsibility and Dispute Resolution

If your data became public before they have been entered into our database, the administration of https://dmark.pro/ will not be responsible for possible negative consequences. If something happens through our fault, and you strongly disagree with it, you can resolve the dispute in three main ways:

  • by making a pre-trial agreement;
  • by going to court according to the current legislation of Ukraine; and
  • by submitting an application to the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that this privacy policy may be subject to change. Changes will become valid immediately after updating the information on this page.

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