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Clients who want to upgrade their websites regularly turn to DMark. There are several reasons for that:

  • Their website functionality or design has become out-of-date;
  • The web resource is not displayed correctly on mobile and other devices;
  • There are problems or errors made by the previous developer;
  • They need to move their website to a new CMS or optimize it for SEO;
  • They want a comprehensive turnkey website upgrade.

There are even more reasons why websites require improvements, and we can cope with each.

Why is it better to order website improvements from us?

Website development in Odessa
  1. The DMark team consists of experienced professionals who know how to optimize a website technically — improve overall performance, increase page loading speed, and improve functionality. We consider the specifics of each project and its marketing requirements.
  2. Our designers can quickly and at a relatively low cost implement the necessary visual improvements — update the design to make it look more up-to-date and attractive.
  3. Our managers are always in touch and will help you create specifications, determine the timing, and update you on the project status.

A well-thought-out procedure of cooperation with website owners

Website development agency Odessa

Any website upgrade starts with turning to a company, submitting a request, defining the task, and discussing the main points, including costs and deadlines. After that, we perform five mandatory actions:

  1. We analyze the website’s current state by evaluating the current performance and potential improvements, auditing the code, and exploring the possibilities of editing and improving it.
  2. We develop the upgrade plan by making a solution strategy and the most detailed diagram to be used when implementing the website improvement plan.
  3. We create specifications describing the work to be done and the results required — we will agree on each item and its cost. We will help you create specifications for routing work free of charge. We consider creating complete specifications as a separate assignment. We can use your specifications if they are complete and well-written.
  4. We implement all improvements, followed by testing the upgrade.
  5. Where necessary, we conduct monitoring after the update and provide technical support.

To upgrade a website without disrupting its operation and maintain marketing metrics, you need to turn to experienced professionals. You can submit a request for a website upgrade to DMark by phone or via the feedback form. Believe us — your website can perform better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of a website upgrade?

The final cost is determined based on the type and scope of activities performed, the number of professionals involved, and the time they spent. You pay for the development of specifications separately, but if they are small, we will prepare them for free. Before signing a contract, our team member will provide a detailed price list so that the final price will not “surprise” you. Sometimes, the final cost is determined based on the actual work performed.

What problems can the website upgrade solve?

We can perform all the activities improving your website — from audit and make-up to comprehensive website upgrades. We can make your web resource up-to-date and adapted for all devices, optimized for SEO, and, of course, without errors.

What CMS do you use to upgrade websites?

We use such content management systems as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and OpenCart. We are well-versed in trending programming languages and markups: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc. We can improve your website using frameworks like Yii, Laravel, Symphony, Vue JS, Ruby, etc.

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