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Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” Tried and true. That’s why DMark provides professional services for online advertising, helping clients achieve their business objectives:

  • Advantageous positioning of a company, product, or service in the market;
  • Building effective communications with the target audience; and
  • Solving a range of marketing challenges and increasing profits.

What are the benefits of ordering online advertising from us?

  1. Audience targeting – our online agency will develop and implement an advertising campaign for your target audience at reasonable prices.
  2. Analytics and optimization – online advertising implies the creation of an advertising campaign and the systematic analysis of data to optimize it. This is the secret of efficiency.
  3. Multiple channels – we use a wide range of channels, which allows us to achieve maximum client visibility on the Internet at reasonable prices – from classic marketing to website optimization.

How we work

Internet advertising services

Website promotion and online advertising require continuous client-vendor cooperation, and DMark advertising agency has all the experts to implement your project on a turnkey basis.

We cooperate as follows:

  • Initial consultation and analysis (we discuss your objectives, analyze your audience, and announce prices);
  • Strategy development (we create a customized strategy as this is the only way the website or specific product promotion will pay off);
  • Advertising campaign launch and implementation (we place ads on selected platforms based on the objectives and budget, and then perform promotion and optimization);
  • Maintenance and monitoring (ordering online ads implies placement of ads and information content and constant monitoring of indicators, making necessary adjustments, and solving technical issues).

Online advertising: main types of services

Main types of advertising on the Internet

Our agency offers affordable prices for online advertising. The final price depends on the methods and channels of web resource promotion you choose:

  • Website optimization in search networks (SEO) – increasing the resource relevance in search engines and increasing search traffic;
  • Working with social media (SMM) – advertising services and goods online using popular social media platforms;
  • Contextual advertising (PPC) – ordering advertising in Google and other search engines, and launching teaser advertising;
  • SERM – working with the reputation and reviews about your company on forums, portals, and other platforms;
  • Copywriting — writing customized texts for the client and selected websites at reasonable prices;
  • Influence marketing – promoting your brand using the influence of opinion leaders on the target audience and organizing collaboration between businesses and opinion leaders.

Recently, the annual volume of the Ukrainian e-commerce market has been more than UAH 150 billion, and it is increasing as more and more people want to buy products online. Hurry up to find your niche – order advertising and promotion of your services and products online from DMark.

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