SERM: creating a positive online reputation

When choosing products and services, at least 60% of Internet users pay attention to reviews about the seller, its image, and reputation. The objective of our advertising agency is to make the online reputation of your company as positive as possible. To do so, we use modern methods of SERM promotion.

The service and its advantages

Modern methods of SERM promotion

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is a set of actions to manage the reputation of a company, a public person, or a specific product in search engines. SERM services are necessary for all companies to develop and support reputation and if:

  • There is practically no data on a new product or service at the top of search results;
  • There is a lot of negative or untruthful information on you on Google;
  • Competitors have launched a dark PR campaign against you; and
  • The website promotion seems to be fine, but sales are not growing for some reason.

The reputation management agency will quickly and relatively inexpensively solve your problem, significantly improving the search results. Our team of professionals can help you:

  • Increase confidence in your company and create an impeccable reputation;
  • Create a desired image among a current and potential target audience (TA);
  • Reshape the customers’ opinion about a specific product;
  • Form additional demand for the products sold and the services provided;
  • Effectively resist the onslaught of competitors without risking the market reputation.

How our SERM agency works

Reputation Management Services

It is easy to request reputation management services – just contact a manager of our marketing agency in any way convenient for you, and after that, we will:

  1. Analyze your reputation – we will comprehensively analyze all the online mentions of your brand, study competitors, evaluate the work scope, and prepare a detailed price list. We offer reasonable prices.
  2. Develop an effective strategy – we will create an individual action plan for further promotion and to counter negative reviews, and we will put it into action according to the rate chosen.
  3. Launch a system for tracking information on you – the cost of SERM services includes regularly monitoring changes in the search results, which affect the company’s reputation and audience’s attitude to it. We promptly respond to this if necessary.
  4. Provide analytics and reports – our SERM agency works transparently: each stage of the marketing strategy is accompanied by the preparation of objective reports.

Trending reputation management services

  1. Google My Business (Gmb) – we will create a profile for your company so you can manage information on yourself in the search engine and Google Maps. This tool’s effectiveness depends on the proper business profile: brand information and contact details, posts, photos and videos, reviews, and answers to customer questions. Your profile must be live. It is important to update data regularly – add content, news, promotions, and information on products and services. You can request a monthly update of your Google My Business profile.
  2. 3D tours and panoramic shooting. We will create and post a high-quality virtual photo tour of your company on Google Street View. Believe us, this is an effective marketing tool available even to small businesses. This service does not require monthly investments, and your search rank will significantly increase.
  3. Reviews – DMark Digital Marketing Agency focuses on monitoring, analyzing, and studying reviews about your company. If there are a lot of negative reviews online, we take immediate measures to replace, refute, and delete them. If there’s a lack of positive reviews, we enhance the reputation using fair methods.
  4. Forums, portals, and social media – we will carefully study all the possible resources referencing to you. We will pick up a pool of websites to create a positive information field around your company’s activity.

Are you ready to request online reputation management? Contact us to get additional information about the service, or we can proceed to business immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What affects the final cost of SERM services?

We determine the cost of SERM after a thorough analysis of your current situation only. The final amount depends on the extent of the problem, the negative reviews’ age and scope, the information channels used, and your business area.

How quickly the positive results of SERM will be achieved?

You will receive the first results in 2-3 weeks after optimization. It will take up to six months to consolidate the positions achieved. The time depends on many factors – the original reputation, the competition, and the intensity of the measures taken. In general, the company’s reputation improvement is a continuous process.

Is it possible to remove only one or several undesirable reviews?

There is no guarantee of removing a specific review, though we can increase your chances. If we fail to remove it, we will make a series of proper answers. You can request SERM to study any number of reviews. The cost will be minimal within the service package. The terms depend on the type of website these reviews are on, their age, etc.

How does SERM affect the company’s reputation?

SERM is crucial to create a positive image of the company and ensure the effectiveness of other promotion channels. A properly arranged SERM strengthens the brand or specific product/service in the market and increases the number of customers and sales.

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