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SEO: what is it and why is it so important?

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The abbreviation “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. This concept includes a set of measures to optimize a website to increase its position in search engine results. SEO services are very popular. And not without reason — today this is the most cost-effective way to attract clients, although it is also one of the most difficult.

The difficulty lies in the large number of ranking algorithms (citation rates, bounce and return rates, text formatting, etc.) and their constant change. It is very difficult to provide truly competent SEO services for website promotion; experts in this area study a lot and constantly.

Why do you need SEO?

Let’s say your company delivers flowers in Odessa. Your potential client types something like “flower delivery in Odessa” in the Google search engine and as a result, receives several links to websites.

Would the client make an order on the website, the link to which will be on the 55th position of the fifth page? It is most unlikely. They simply won’t reach this page, and in 99% of cases, they will stop at one of the first 10 search results. So, the goal of an SEO professional is to make sure that the link to your website is among those first results.

Also, high-quality SEO services will:

  • Increase the overall website visibility;
  • Improve behavioral factors;
  • Increase conversion.

All of the above will lead to an increase in the client’s company mentions on the Internet, calls, and orders. This is what the quality work of an SEO professional is about.

What do search engine promotion services include?

DMark marketing agency promotes its clients’ websites on Google using the following algorithm:

  • We analyze the current demand for a specific product or service;
  • We audit the website SEO;
  • Following the audit, we compose the semantic core of the website (a list of queries to be used for page promotion);
  • We carry out internal optimization according to the semantic core (we carefully study meta tags, add informational and selling articles, link together internal pages, and make necessary changes taking into account behavioral factors);
  • We carry out external optimization (we place links directing to your website and mentioning your company on third-party Internet resources).

We constantly monitor the effectiveness of our work using Google Analytics, Search Console, and many other tools; where necessary, we make changes taking into account SMM and PPC promotion.

Why is it worth ordering SEO from us?

Absolutely all clients are satisfied with their cooperation with us because we deliver on our obligations one hundred percent — we systematically promote websites and bring them to the top. These results are easy to track. What is more:

SEO promotion order
  • The cost of our services is reasonable and justified (it depends on such factors as the website’s age, its current search position, and the number of competitors);
  • We work quickly — the first results will be visible within a month after the start of optimization;
  • Our SEO agency employs professionals knowledgeable in various areas (hotel business, online stores, information business, manufacturing, construction, tourism, and much more). Our diverse experience helps us quickly understand the project and select the optimal solutions taking into account all the business nuances;
  • While our office is located in Odessa, you can order website optimization from us anywhere in the world;
  • We are constantly in touch, and we will agree on all the stages of our work with you.

Cooperation with DMark is convenient, profitable, and effective. If you are still in doubt, call or email us, and we will tell you more details and answer all your questions on website optimization and promotion in search engines.

Frequently asked questions about SEO promotion

Which areas do you work with and which you don’t?

DMark has been promoting websites for many years, collaborating with various businesses: construction, hotel, manufacturing, etc. We successfully promote online stores, travel agencies, and other websites. Even if your business is new to us, we will quickly get to the bottom of it and offer effective solutions. We do not work with “gray” and “black” areas.

How long will it take to get the results from SEO?

The timing of a website’s SEO is determined in the promotion plan and depends on the overall marketing strategy of a company. Important factors include the constantly changing ranking algorithm in search engines, website features, competition, promotion region, and choice of keywords. Owners of young websites will see results in 4-6 months. And the more competently the promotion is structured, the shorter the timing is.

Do you provide SEO guarantees? If yes, what are they?

We not only provide website SEO services but also give a guarantee. We guarantee transparency of the contract terms and conditions and strict compliance with each of its clauses. By collaborating with us, you will experience positive dynamics in website search result positions and traffic growth. We use only fair promotion methods and provide complete impartial reports at every stage.

Cost of SEO

You can choose a package of services optimal for your business. We have prepared three main options for you. We also provide custom solutions – offers developed to your specific request.

Cost of SEO promotion

You can choose a package of services that will be optimal for your business. We have prepared 3 main options for you. Individual solutions are also possible - a commercial proposal is developed for the specific request of your company.

Elementary Standard Advanced

Audit and analysis of competitors

Basic analysis of the website being promoted есть есть есть
In-depth SEO analysis нет нет есть
Competition Analysis нет есть есть
Link analysis нет есть есть
Creation/optimization of the semantic core нет есть есть
Development of a link promotion strategy нет есть есть

Internal SEO optimization

Basic setup of meta tags and titles есть есть есть
Advanced meta tag customization нет есть есть
SEO optimization of texts and images есть есть есть
Working with internal links (linking) есть есть есть
Monitoring site positions есть есть есть
Copywriting: creation and optimization of SEO texts нет есть есть
Development of banners, advertising offers for the site нет нет есть
Website development, programmer work нет нет есть

External SEO promotion

Link promotion (link building) нет есть есть
Link support (1-2 links in the minimum budget) есть есть есть
Placing links on large web resources нет есть есть
Purchasing crowd links, increasing link juice нет есть есть


200 у.е. 300 у.е. from 400 у.е.
Order Order Order

The final price will be determined after setting the task and preliminary audit

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