SEO promotion of the online women’s clothing store ACORN

SEO promotion of the online women's clothing store ACORN
SEO promotion of the online women's clothing store ACORN

Client:ACORN online women’s clothing store (acorn.com.ua)

Business area: Online stores

Service: SEO optimization

Objective: Increase the targeted traffic and bring key queries in priority areas to the top

Geo: Ukraine-wide

Client’s task: Promote a new website in Google’s organic search results as quickly as possible

Initial data

A new website without basic SEO optimization.

Search for solutions

We audited and developed specifications (TOR) for the necessary basic modifications as per SEO requirements – required functionality, options, plugins, structure, headings, meta tags, and more.


🔶 We changed the URL structure – configured redirects, adjusted internal links, and added the required blocks.

🔶 We registered robots.txt and checked the sitemap that generates automatically in the WordPress CMS.

🔶 We edited pages’ footers as incorrect links were provided.

🔶 We created a semantic core as the basis for meta tags for all pages, categories, and products. We wrote SEO texts for priority landing pages and added internal linking.


The SEO optimization process lasted over 3 months – from March 2024. The result was rapid website growth in search results and a record of orders through the “Organic Google” channel. Traffic continues to grow thanks to the proper strategy.

Rapid growth of the Acorn website in search results

The concept of search queries for the Acorn online store


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