Public Offer

Before providing services, DMark online marketing agency will provide each client with a public offer document (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) that is a guarantee of complying with the arrangements by both parties. It does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, including the Civil Code.

The Agreement provisions are the same for all individuals and entities. They come into force immediately after signing, full payment or prepayment. The subject of this Agreement shall be all possible services indicated and described on the website https://dmark.pro/.

Parties’ (Client and Vendor’s) Rights and Obligations

The client may receive true information on the vendor and the services provided, control the provision of services at all stages, and terminate the cooperation if the vendor violates the Agreement provisions.

The vendor may engage third parties to perform its obligations, thoroughly check the information provided by the client, and refuse to provide services if there are good reasons for this: violation of the Agreement by a third party, use of the services results provided for illegal purposes, and/or the client’s refusal to provide information or its intentional distortion.

In addition to rights, the parties shall also have certain obligations. For example, the client shall:

  • provide all information about itself;
  • send the vendor requests that do not violate the applicable legislation and moral standards; and
  • pay for the services provided in a timely manner in accordance with the signed agreement.

Vendor’s obligations: provide services of appropriate quality, promptly notify the client on the provision of services, ensure that the client can receive services, and strictly comply with information security and confidentiality requirements under the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

Parties’ Responsibility

Both parties shall be responsible for failure to fulfil or improper fulfilment of their obligations specified herein. A party shall not be liable for a breach of contract if it was not through its fault. Force majeure shall include natural disasters, military actions, epidemics, civil unrest, etc. As may be agreed by the parties, the term of performance of the Agreement may be postponed for as long as the force majeure continues.

IMPORTANT! This Agreement does not provide for the transfer of intellectual property rights from the vendor to the client. The vendor shall have exclusive rights to all intellectual property.

Term of Public Offer

This public offer shall be valid from the moment the client joins it. It shall be perpetual. This document may be subject to amendments, and such amendments shall be become valid at the time the offer is posted on the website https://dmark.pro/.

If necessary, the Agreement can be drawn up in printed form. If there are any additions, they shall also be printed and signed by the parties.

Final Provisions

  • This document shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Any possible controversies shall be resolved through negotiations, namely via communication and mutual consultations. If an issue is not resolved, the issue shall be considered in a court of Ukraine.
  • Any correspondence between the parties shall be made via email, instant messengers, social media, and other methods, and shall have legal force.

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