Making specifications for website development

As professional web developers often joke, “No specifications, no results.” There is a grain of joke here, while the rest is real. The website will be quality and effective only if you create it as per specifications. The DMark team works as follows — specifications, then everything else. Our prices for specifications to create a website are completely transparent and reasonable.

Why are specifications good for the customer and the contractor?

Drawing up technical specifications for website development

Services to develop specifications are necessary for both counterparties. Quality specifications ensure that:

  • There will be complete mutual understanding from the first day of cooperation;
  • A professional and the future website owner will have a clear vision of the project’s implementation process;
  • All development stages are completed within the agreed time and without any inconsistencies;
  • You can make a budget and a financial plan.

Another advantage of a comprehensive action plan is the correct prioritization — from the website architecture to the development procedure.

The main stages of creating specifications by the DMark team

  • Meeting with the client or conducting an online consultation to collect initial information and discuss the project goals and objectives.
  • Analyzing the target audience (TA), the company’s business processes, and the structure of the services and products provided.
  • Creating the website map and page structure; developing the basic and additional functionality and design.
  • Clarifying details, making the complete project description, and identifying potential challenges.
  • Adjusting the document (if necessary), estimating the accurate specifications development time, and providing a detailed price list.

IMPORTANT! You don’t have a clear vision for your company’s development on the Internet? Request a marketing strategy to create a website and develop specifications.

What do website specifications usually include?

Development of technical specifications for the site

Regardless of the work complexity and the cost of developing specifications, this document must include the following components:

  • Data on the client, their business, business processes, current marketing strategy, etc.;
  • The website concept, goals and objectives, and the description of the technology that web developers will use;
  • Detailed structure of the future project, including the catalog structure and pages with products from each category if this is an online store;
  • Block-by-block website content and page prototypes;
  • General website technical requirements;
  • Content and design requirements;
  • The marketing component (SEO, traffic channels, etc.);
  • Plan and cost of work.

You can request the website specifications now. To do this, leave a request via the feedback form or contact the DMark manager and arrange a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What determines the price of specifications for the website development?

When determining the final price, we consider the type and complexity of the future web resource, the customer’s requirements, and the time spent finding a compromise between the parties.

What websites require specifications?

Specifications are a prerequisite for creating any type of website — landing page, business card website, corporate website, online store, or individual project. If you need to modify your website, you will also need specifications. The exception is minor modifications.

Can you make changes to the specifications after their approval?

You can make changes to specifications after their approval, but this will lead to changes in the timing and cost of work. We will agree on each change and include it in the document.

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