Developing an online marketing strategy for your business

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The DMark team offers professional services for online marketing strategies. You can choose one of three packages based on your objectives and budget: minimal, standard, or advanced (see table below). In any event, we will help you meet all your objectives at very competitive prices.

Better order a marketing strategy from professionals

The famous American entrepreneur Jack Welch rightly noted: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” We are sure that with the DMark strategic marketing agency’s team of professionals, you will make the right choice:

  • We have significant experience in developing strategies for different industries and businesses;
  • We work with each client on an individual basis, delving into their business and achieving maximum efficiency;
  • Our agency works in various directions, allowing us to receive a synergy of experience of subject matter experts;
  • We also work with small businesses with limited resources.

What does developing the online marketing strategy consist of?

Developing an Internet marketing strategy for your business

While your task is to get a strategy for promoting your business, ours is to ensure it is efficient and economically feasible.

What we do when creating a strategy:

  • We help you determine your goals and objectives for online marketing;
  • We analyze current strategies, advertising campaigns, platforms used, and existing content (if the project is not from scratch);
  • We analyze the competition and current demand in your business area and select the best online solutions on the market and the optimal semantic core;
  • We determine your target audience;
  • We create your USP and core values;
  • We analyze competitors and other websites in this area;
  • We focus on a list of promotion methods, marketing tools for implementing the strategy, and required analytical systems and services;
  • We determine the basic requirements for creating a content plan;
  • We create a schedule for implementing the online marketing strategy.

Implementing the online marketing strategy

Digital marketing is a complex area where every practical action matters. It applies to:

  • Implementation of the strategy through selected marketing channels;
  • Step-by-step tracking of results to optimize the promotion scheme;
  • Adjusting the marketing plan to promote a specific service, product, or brand.

The cost of developing a marketing strategy and its implementation depends on the complexity of the business area, the competitive environment, and the range of channels used.

What business promotion channels do we focus on?

Cost of developing a marketing strategy
  1. Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO services aim to increase search traffic.
  2. Paid advertising in search engines (PPC) — launching contextual advertising and working with Google and other networks.
  3. Social media marketing (SMM). Promoting goods and services through popular social media platforms. SMM is suitable for any business — from small to large.
  4. Content marketing that includes SMM, SEO, copywriting, design, and other promotion methods aimed at lead generation, increasing customer engagement, and reactivating passive users.
  5. Email marketing — creating and sending chains of emails for promotion through email campaigns.
  6. SERM — working with reviews, forums, portals, and social media, developing Google My Business, and creating panoramic photography and 3D tours.
  7. Influence marketing — promoting a brand, product, or service, using the influence of opinion leaders, and organizing collaborations.

Should you need more information, like the price of a marketing strategy, contact our manager. Call us or send a request via the feedback form, and we will get to work as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the timing and cost of the online marketing strategy development and implementation?

The standard package is 2-3 weeks. You can also request a minimum marketing strategy of about seven days. The exact timing depends on the agreed activities and their scope, the need to involve various professionals in the project, and their rates. When determining the price, we consider the specifics of the business, the level of competition, the promotion channels used, and other factors. 

What projects you don’t work on? 

We do not work with “black” and “gray” areas and illegal and dubious business activities. We can refuse a company with a poor reputation in the market.

In what areas have you already created and implemented marketing strategies?

These are various businesses — manufacturing, construction, hotel, grocery, etc. We successfully cooperate with online stores, travel agencies, and event managers.

Why is it better not to start a business without a marketing strategy?

With a specific action plan focused on business positioning and development, you will get the desired profit, stay in the market, and certainly scale your business. However, you can think about developing a marketing strategy at any stage of your business.

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