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Professional copywriting agencies have an unspoken rule – quality texts increase sales by two times, page view time by three times, and time spent on a website by five times. However, there are other interesting numbers:

  • Only 20% of users read articles beyond the headlines.
  • In 40% of cases, users close a page when they see intricate and incomprehensible words.
  • Using numbered or bulleted lists while writing leads to 70% more traffic.

Of course, this data is approximate, but we do our best to ensure that our copywriting services give maximum results.

Copywriting of any type and format

Order copywriting
  1. Advertising articles. Advertising texts are one of the effective marketing tools to increase sales. We can create promotional articles to promote brands, goods and services, product descriptions, etc. Do you want to have a selling text for your landing page? We know how to create it.
  2. Image-building texts. It is native advertising aimed at conveying a positive message about a brand, company, or person. We can create any image-building materials, including PR articles for placement on external resources, press releases, interviews, and much more as part of a content marketing strategy.
  3. Informational materials. We write articles for websites: news pages, blogs, instructions for product use, thematic long-reads, and analytical and expert articles. The texts are interesting and unique and meet the requirements of fact-checking (we use only accurate and true information).
  4. SEO copywriting services. We write each SEO text taking into account the principles of Google ranking and apply relevant key queries and a high percentage of uniqueness. Copywriting agency employees who know the basics of search promotion are loyal partners of online stores, marketplaces, and company websites. DMark employs the same professionals.
  5. Social media content. SMM services include the creation of selling, entertaining, and news posts for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms taking into account their requirements. Our authors know that the first 5-7 words are the most important and should be catchy. And they catch.
  6. Short texts. This format is relevant for microblogs: posts for Twitter (X), threads (discussion threads) in social media and groups in Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp (Messenger marketing), short mailings (SMS, Direct, etc.), and forum publications. We write each text comprehensively and thoroughly, taking into account the content plan.

Advantages of DMark copywriters’ texts

Copywriting services

Our digital marketing agency provides cost-effective yet high-quality copywriting services. By cooperating with us, you receive texts that meet all the possible requirements. They are:

  • Unique – instilling trust in search engines, improving behavioral factors, and protecting against being sanctioned by the search engines.
  • Relevant – before ordering a text, find out the key requests, requirements for SEO promotion, and interests of the target audience.
  • Competent – our authors cooperate with a proofreader and an editor, so our final texts have no spelling, language, stylistic, or other errors.
  • Appropriate – even though we charge moderate prices for copywriting services, we immerse ourselves in the client’s business and create expert content.
  • Informational – they make sense and have no spam and intrusive advertising, thus users are happy to read them and add them to bookmarks.
  • Persuasive – the main message of our texts is clear from the first lines, which helps to increase interest and sales.

Convenient and transparent cooperation

Order copywriting
  1. Initial consultation to discuss terms of cooperation and costs (upon request).
  2. Briefing – gathering information on your brand and objectives.
  3. Researching the target audience, competitors, and product indicators.
  4. Making terms of reference (TOR) corresponding to the marketing strategy, content plan, and content matrix; discussing the terms and the cost for the entire scope or per 1000 characters.
  5. Content creation – writing texts that 100% meet the above criteria.
  6. Editing and revision — ensuring quality and strict compliance with assigned tasks.

Some companies have one or more in-house copywriters. However, this option has limited performance as authors are unable to multitask and burn out rapidly. It is more feasible to outsource copywriting. The DMark team can complete any task, ensuring consistent results without force majeure and headaches.

Copywriting Services: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between simple copywriting and SEO copywriting?

Conventional copywriting focuses on creating quality content without considering search engine optimization. SEO copywriting is the creation of unique, high-quality texts focused on TA to the fullest extent, taking into account keywords and algorithms of search engines for better ranking of a website or article.

What are the terms?

The terms depend on the task scope and complexity, terms of reference specifying the client’s requirements, and our copywriters’ workload. We determine terms individually.

How can you be sure of the text quality?

The quality of our work is ensured by the professionalism of our copywriters, who have the skills to write attractive and informative texts, taking into account current requirements and standards, and control processes, including editing and proofreading of texts before publication. Moreover, we use special programs and tools to check texts for uniqueness and relevance.

Why is it better to engage an agency rather than a freelancer?

Freelancers may offer low prices for copywriting, but they are less reliable and guarantee quality rarely. In contrast, you sign a contract with an agency guaranteeing the quality of work and compliance with deadlines. We also offer an integrated approach to the content creation process, which involves a team of professionals, including copywriters specializing in different areas and styles, SEO experts, and Internet marketers. We offer not just copy-write, but create and implement a content strategy. Freelancers do not offer such a comprehensive approach.

Do you provide rewriting services?

Yes, our copywriters can rewrite existing materials to make them more unique, attractive, and relevant to your objectives – improve the structure, SEO-optimize, and adapt to different formats and channels (websites, blogs, social media, press releases, advertising articles, etc.)

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