Comprehensive website upgrade while maintaining SEO positions

Comprehensive website upgrade while maintaining SEO positions
Case study on website modernization while maintaining SEO positions

Client: The advertising company producing and installing external and interior signs (sfera.as)

Business area: Manufacturing, services

Service: Web development

Objective: Create a website

Client’s task: Comprehensive website upgrade while maintaining SEO positions.

Initial data:

The client provided their website on an outdated platform that does not meet the current online marketing requirements, a basic company brand book, and a description of its business structure and services.

Search for solution

We analyzed the competition, searched for references, and successful technical and marketing solutions. We created specifications for the website upgrade.

We performed a two-stage upgrade: first, we developed a pilot single-page landing and tested it with paid traffic (PPC). We got an effective design and structure solution and created specifications for a multi-page website.


🔶 We determined the type of website pages – a wide format landing page.

🔶 We used CMS WordPress content management system and multilingual website format.

🔶 During this comprehensive upgrade we used a set of SEO activities to maintain the website’s position in the Google search engine.


The result was an up-to-date and attractive corporate website. The website position was preserved thanks to the proper activities subject to SEO requirements when transferring content to a new platform. It began to grow with further SEO optimization.

Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 2
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 3
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 4
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 5
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 6
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 7
Модернизация сайта Sfera.as 8

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