SEO promotion of a competitive query “laptop repair”

SEO promotion of a competitive query “laptop repair”
Case on SEO promotion of a competitive request

Client: Notebook-Service laptop repair service center in Odesa (notebook-service.com.ua)

Business area: Services

Service: SEO optimization

Objective: Promote the competitive search query

Client’s task: Perform optimization; increase the visibility of the “laptop repair” search query in the Google system, get to the TOP-3.

Initial data:

The company’s website already had some optimization that had to be adjusted to the current Google algorithm.

Search for solution

We studied the company and the services provided by it. We received the required information from the client. We got acquainted with the current settings of the platform. We developed a strategy for the company’s online promotion, which we used as the basis for the website promotion in search results.

We made a detailed analysis and analyzed the external mass of competitors’ links.


🔶 We created the semantic core. We adjusted optimization according to the collected data and the semantic core.

🔶 We made adjustments based on a detailed analysis of competition and semantics:

  • Metatag optimization.
  • Improvement of the SEO text considering the principles of search engine ranking.
  • Use of internal relinking.

During the second step, we began to build up the link mass. The activities performed produced the desired effect in return for acceptable investments.


The activities ensured a smooth growth of the key query for laptop repair from the 22nd to the 1st position.

Smooth growth of the key request laptop repair

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