Competition audit in the Austrian city of Vienna

Competition audit in the Austrian city of Vienna
Competition audit case in Vienna

Client: The company manufacturing exterior and interior signs

Business area: Manufacturing companies

Service: Promotion in Europe, Internet marketing audit

Task: Competition audit in the Austrian city of Vienna; determine the level of demand and competition by category; determine the best niches to start a business in.

Initial data:

🔶 The client, an emigrant businessman, has an existing business in Ukraine. His task is to open a similar business in Europe in the city of Vienna. It was necessary to determine the current competition in the area of interest, how difficult and in what ways to start a business and promote it under the present conditions.

🔶 The client provided his list of competitors he recommended to study (based on what he saw while living in Vienna).

Search for solutions:

🔶 Using analytical tools and available search engine statistics, we determined a list of competitors, taking into account those mentioned by the client and analysis of the offline market in Vienna.

🔶 We also searched for competitors on Google Maps, large portals, and social media.


🔶 We analyzed competitors’ websites and classified them according to the following criteria: main attraction channels, USP, useful website units, strengths and weaknesses, tools for increasing trust, useful references, and hashtags used for SMM.

🔶 We analyzed the ways to conduct advertising campaigns – SEO, PPC, SMM.

Analysis of methods of conducting advertising campaigns in marketing


The client received an extensive analysis of competitors with findings on possible ways and tools to advance a young company manufacturing exterior and interior signs in Vienna. We identified the niches where it would be easiest for a new business to start promoting.

Competition audit

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