Optimizing the Simec Systems website for the Google search engine

Optimizing the Simec Systems website for the Google search engine
Output of competitive target queries in the TOP 10 search results for the Simec Systems website

Client: Simec Systems – a Finland company producing handing machinery (simecsystems.com)

Business area: Manufacturing

Service: SEO optimization

Objective: Optimize the website for the Google search engine

Geo: England, USA, Australia

Client’s assignment: Develop an SEO promotion strategy and bring target queries to the TOP 10 search results.

Initial data:

After comprehensive changes to the website content, there has been a collapse in the Google search engine positions.

Search for solution

We searched for the source of the website position failure. We performed a detailed audit of the current website, its content, and compliance with Google requirements. We searched for and studied the archival data. We analyzed the competition and discussed all the details with the client.


We have identified the main source of problems – improper transfer of content from the old platform to the new one and lack of basic optimization from Google’s point of view.

🔶 Restoring content and meta tag settings missed during the transfer from the old platform.

🔶 Updating the semantic core per the company’s current requirements and priorities.

🔶 Performing optimization per the updated promotion strategy in the Google search engine.

🔶 Providing recommendations for further correct content posting.

🔶 Increasing the website’s link weight per the developed anchor list.


A significant increase in positions immediately following the activities performed after a detailed audit and agreed steps to optimize the website.

Increase in search queries on the Simec Systems website
Website growth at Google Simec Systems

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