Basic SEO optimization of the Kayoom online store on Cartum

Basic SEO optimization of the Kayoom online store on Cartum
Case on basic SEO optimization of the Kayoom online store on Hoshohop

Client: Kayoom home decor online store (kayoom.com.ua)

Business area: Furniture and decor, online stores

Service: SEO optimization

Objective: Basic SEO optimization

Client’s task: Perform basic optimization; increase visibility in the Google search engine.

Initial data:

The company’s website already had some settings that had to be adjusted.

Search for solution

We conducted a preliminary audit in Search Console and Analytics. We studied the company and the products provided in the catalog. We received the required information from the client. We got acquainted with the platform’s current settings.


🔶 The most important aspect of SEO on Cartum is content optimization. We created the semantic core that would be used for further optimization. We made basic SEO settings based on the semantic core.

🔶 We manually created meta tags (H1, Title, Description, Keywords) for all category pages – the only way to make them as relevant as possible.

🔶 We created a template for generating Title, Description, and H1 tags for all product cards.

🔶 We worked on the current content: we improved the structure of SEO texts and implemented internal linking.


The website has been optimized; its visibility and traffic on the Google network have improved. We observed the website visibility for key phrases.

Increased visibility of the Kayoom website by keywords

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