The case of creating a landing page for Lesenok kindergarten

The case of creating a landing page for Lesenok kindergarten
Case study on developing a landing page for the kindergarten “Lesenok”

Client: Kindergarten “Lesenok” – lesenoksadik.com.ua

Industry: Education

Service: Web development

Objective: Landing page development

Client’s task: Create a one-page website for a kindergarten to present and promote its services

Geo: Ukraine, Odessa, Tairove District

Initial data:

The company provided its logo and showed examples of other websites we had to rely on.

Search for solutions:

We performed the comprehensive development of the company’s brand book. We studied competitors in the area, created design specifications, and performed prototyping.


🔶 We created a website design layout.

🔶 Our frontend department created website pages based on CMS WordPress.

🔶 We performed some programming and backend configuration.

🔶 We filled in the landing page with visual materials and text.

🔶 We tested the functionality.

🔶 We published and enabled website indexing in the Google search engine.


The result is a simple one-page kindergarten website serving as an attractive and informative business card.

If you need to create a landing page or other websites, send us a request and our professionals will advise you.

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