The case of developing a travel agency website

The case of developing a travel agency website
The case of developing a travel agency website

Client: Travel agency (formula-o.com.ua)

Business area: Tourism and hotel business

Service: Web development

Objective: Create a website

Client’s assignment: Develop a website for a travel agency arranging exclusive tours.

Initial data:

The company provided its logo, basic brand book data, and services structure and description. The client also provided the main points and description of the company’s USP (unique selling proposition).

Search for solution

Since the website’s marketing tasks provide special requirements for design and target audience, we needed to combine emotions and presentability without unnecessary visual load.


🔶 We chose a multi-page business card website.

🔶 Adaptive layout with a priority mobile version.

🔶 We integrated website pages into CMS WordPress.

🔶 We created the multifunctional administrative panel allowing us to edit content and meta tags as per SEO requirements.

🔶 Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari (the last two browser versions).

🔶 We used the supported code.


We have created the website with a clear design, emotions and rich content. We ensured a harmonious combination of bright colors without excessive variegation and clutter.

Website for a travel agency - formula-o.com.ua
Дизайн сайта тур агентства
Разработка сайта для туристического агентства
Создание сайта тур агентства
Создание сайта для formula-o.com.ua
Сайт визитка для тур агентства
Многостраничный сайт-визитка - formula-o.com.ua
Разработка сайта "Формула отдыха"

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