Case Study: Bringing New Web Page to TOP-3 of Search Results for “Generator Repair” Request

Bringing a new web page to the top-3 of search results for the “generator repair” request
Promotion of the page from scratch to the TOP-3
Subject: bringing a new web page to the top-3 of search results for the “generator repair” request
Location: Odesa, Ukraine
Service: SEO promotion
Time used to bring to TOP-3: ~3 months (December 2022 to February 2023)

With the start of rolling blackouts, the demand for generators in Ukraine has especially increased. As a consequence, this has led to the increased competition among their sellers and repair businesses. We were approached by a company specialising in the repair of this type of equipment. We not only created a good webpage, but also did a tremendous job to bring it to the top of search results in the shortest possible time. So, let’s talk about our successful experience of promoting this type of service in just 3 months.

Customer’s objective: create a new web page for “generator repair” services and bring it to the top of Google search results in the shortest possible time under the increased competition in this area during the blackout period.


🔶 An empty page without any traffic

🔶 A brief description of services and their cost

Searching for Solutions

emoji ✔ | галочка | twitter | 60 x 60 We focused on creating the high-quality relevant content and its SEO according to the current competition analysis for these search requests.

emoji ✔ | галочка | twitter | 60 x 60 We planned off page SEO as the second stage.


For on page SEO we have: 

🔶 Collected semantics for the “generator repair in Odessa” search request

🔶 Manually optimised title, description, keywords meta tags

🔶 Built a correct structure of h1-h6 headings

🔶 Added companion landing pages to increase the internal link mass

🔶 Added the internal interlinking from other relevant pages that already exist

🔶 Optimised SEO-text in the indexation

🔶 Implemented the microdata markup

Off page SEO: from the very start of the engagement, we have drawn up the linking strategy for the landing page and begun a gradual increase in the link mass.


We have brought the new page to the TOP-3 of search results for the “generator repair” request. We have increased organic traffic manyfold.

The “generator repair” keyword reach since the start of the page SEO — Google Search Console

Google Search Console graph after 3 months

Currently, we are fixing the TOP-3 ranking in Google

Pinning position in Google

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