Instagram profile upgrade

Instagram profile upgrade
Instagram profile upgrade

The Instagram profile design forms a visitor’s first impression of a company. We will talk about a successful profile redesign using the case of our customer — Odessa Biopark.

Subject: Instagram profile design – Odessa biopark.
Region: Ukraine, Odessa
Service: Instagram profile promotion
The task: Improve the account design according to the company’s corporate style and give it a professional look.

So, what we have done:

🔶 We’ve changed the concept of Instagram profile design — from stories and photo processing to code elements of the brand.

🔶 We’ve updated the profile header — introduced the unique and defining features of the Biopark, namely: “the only safari in Ukraine, a special approach to animals’ care, and the presence of exotic animals.”

🔶 From now on, the name contains a phrase “modern zoo,” so the Biopark can be found by searching for the word “zoo.”

🔶 We’ve updated Highlights — now they have a single concise style and are clear in content.

We have paid special attention to the content:

🔶 Reels, posts and stories are now published regularly, informing subscribers about Biopark events and holding their attention.

🔶 Mobile shooting is used to create thematic content.

The results of the DMark team’s work can be seen in the carousel, so keep scrolling.

The profile looks bright, visually attractive, and creates a positive emotion — it catches an eye and encourages you to linger.

Instagram Profile Design - Odessa Biopark

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