Newsbreaks September

Newsbreaks September

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” once said Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States. Be sure to profit by this advice when drawing up a content plan to work with subscribers. By being vigilant, you will win the attention of real and potential customers.

One of the effective ways to do this is to follow important events and dates, write interesting thematic notes, and post them on social media at the proper time. For example, in September 2023, your content plan may include information on such international and public holidays as:

  • 9th of September — International Beauty Day
  • 10th of September — Tankman’s Day
  • 13th of September  — Programmer’s Day
  • 19th of September — Smiley’s Birthday
  • 21th of September — International Day of Peace
  • 21th of September — The Week of the Global Action “We clean the world” (“Let’s clear the planet of garbage”)
  • 23th of September — Autumnal Equinox Day
  • 27th of September — Tourism Day
  • 30th of September — All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries

But it is not necessary to write about everything and too often. Consider the interests of your target audience, involve them in the discussion, and always provide feedback. Good luck!

Newsbreaks September

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