Ukrainian Businesses Resume Their Operations: Optimistic Statistics

According to Opendatabot, by the end of April, 44% of Ukrainian businesses have fully or partially returned to work.

The martial law has not become a limiting factor for everyone — some have found the opportunity to implement large-scale business plans during the wartime chaos.

After the resumption of business registration in the State Register, more than a thousand of new businesses were registered by the end of March. Most of the new businesses opened in the following areas:

✔️ Information services — 206 (19.7%)
✔️ Software development — 158 (15.1%)
✔️ Retail — 122 (11.6%)
✔️ Wholesale — 69 (6.6%)
✔️ Other professional activities — 62 (5.9%)
✔️ Other professional activities — 62 (5.9%)
✔️ Head offices and management — 34 (3.2%)
✔️ Advertising — 313.0%
✔️ Construction — 31 (3.0%)
✔️ Other services — 29 (2.8%)
✔️ Other — 270 (25.8%)

Most large and small businesses volunteer to the extent possible. Many people organise their work in such a way as to retain their staff and ensure a decent level of salaries despite the overall decline in business activity due to the martial law in the country. The Ukrainian businesses are trying to survive in the current conditions one way or another since the stable operation and keeping the economy afloat is an important contribution to our common victory.

One of the fundamental factors in the business development and promotion in critical conditions is the qualified marketing support. Many seek advice from professionals who can provide good advice on survival and promotion even in crisis conditions. Despite the fact that the new reality is unpredictable and dictates new rules of work, competent marketing professionals always find optimal solutions even for the most complex tasks!

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