Upgrade the profile of the Odessa Academic Puppet Theater

People usually judge an Instagram profile by its appearance and they will immediately leave it if they don’t like it. This is the reality of social media 🤷

Instagram profile upgrade

We will tell you about a successful profile redesign case for our customer — the Odessa Academic Puppet Theater.

Objective: improve the profile design to reflect the corporate style and give it a professional look.

What we have done:

🔶 Developed the basic strategy for developing social media profiles, analyzed the competition, created the content matrix and the content plan, and worked out the main specifications for posts.

🔶 Changed the concept of Instagram profile design — from stories and photos to core elements of the brand.

🔶 Updated the profile header and created UTP and defining features, namely: a unique theater in Odesa, daytime and evening repertoire, and thirst for experiments.

🔶 Moved the name to the proper area so one could find the profile by searching for “puppet theater.”

🔶 Systematized links to the website, ticket purchase platform, and YouTube account — they are clickable now.

🔶 Updated highlights covers — they have been made in a single concise style and are clear in content.

We pay a lot of attention to the content:

🔶 We regularly share Reels, posts, and stories that inform subscribers about the theater life and keep their attention.

🔶 We use mobile and professional filming to create relevant content.

You can see the results of the DMark team in the carousel, so scrol:

The profile looks bright, puppet-like, and visually attractive; it creates a positive emotion — catches the eye, and invites you to linger.

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