The case of selling seasonal Danube herring in a short time

The case of selling seasonal Danube herring in a short time
Case sale of Danube

Client: Kupi Rakushku online store (kupi-rakushku.od.ua)

Industry: HoReCa

Task: Sell seasonal Danube herring in a short time

Service: SMM

Social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Task description

The Odessa company delivering fresh fish, seafood, and meat set another task for us – sell fresh Danube herring in a short time since it has a very short catching period.

Initial data:

🔶 Fresh and lightly salted Danube herring.

🔶 Limited supply – catching of Danube herring is available only a few months a year.

🔶 A factor of high competition in Odessa – to buy fresh fish, connoisseurs go to the main city market – Privoz.

Search for solutions

🔶 We had to prepare several creative ideas for fresh, lightly salted Danube herring, and make photo and video content of raw, cooked, unpacked, and packaged fish as sent to clients.

🔶 We considered setting up advertising geography for Odessa, its suburbs, and other large cities of Ukraine.

🔶 We created several audiences in different geographies – large cities of Ukraine, and audiences interested in fish. We included a Look-alike audience – users similar to current customers. We planned retargeting – advertising aimed at those who visited the website but did not buy anything.


🔶 We launched advertising with budget optimization at the campaign level – the system determined the most effective combination of geography, audience, and creative ideas, and allocated the budget accordingly.

Бизнес-план по продаже сезонного товара дунайки

🔶 We left only large cities in Ukraine with the most regular, daily orders at the lowest price.


As a result, we received robust projected sales and an understanding of what region is most profitable to advertise fresh fish with delivery. Approximately half of all orders were via phone, so the customer’s final price was about $3.

Sipategia case sale of goods

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