Development of a landing page for the Ukrainian integrator of IT solutions Frigat

Development of a landing page for the Ukrainian integrator of IT solutions Frigat
Website development for the Ukrainian integrator of IT solutions Frigat

Client: IT solutions integrator Frigat (uspacycrm.frigat.net)

Business area: Economics and business

Service: Web development

Objective: Website creation


Client’s assignment: Develop a landing page for the Ukrainian IT business solutions integrator to obtain targeted leads and present one of the company’s services.

Initial data

The company provided its logo, basic data from the brand book, and structure and description of services. The client also provided the main points and description of the company’s USP (unique selling proposition). They offered basic marketing requirements and tasks that the website should solve.

Search for solutions

When developing specifications for this website, we took into account the requirements of both the integrator’s client and the product to be presented and sold via this platform.

We chose the landing page structure to quickly draw attention to the advantages of this product and factors indicating the company’s reliability as an integrator.


🔶 We chose an up-to-date landing page with sales and presentation content as per the brand book style of the integrator company and the IT product manufacturer.

🔶 We created an adaptive layout for various screens – desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

🔶 We integrated the website page layout into CMS WordPress.


As a result, the client has received targeted requests after publishing the website using the contextual advertising tool in the Google search network. This web page is successfully used as a product presentation and shows a high initial interaction with visitors.

Development of a landing page for the Ukrainian IT solutions integrator Frigat
Создание лендинга для украинского интегратора IT-решений Frigat
Создание лендинга для Frigat
Разработка лендинга для Frigat

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