The case of modernization of the OGCS site

Модернизация сайта OGCS

Customer:Engineering company Neftegazkhim Service LLC – ogcs.com.ua

Отрасль: Manufacturing sector

Service: Web development

Target: Comprehensive website modernization

Customer’s assignment:Improve the website for manufacturing services in compliance with all corporate requirements of the company.

Implementation period:2 months.

Searching of decisions

Comprehensive website modernization is always much more difficult than creating a website from scratch. The process of transferring existing content from the old to the new site takes up the lion’s share of labor costs. All manipulations can be compared to the demolition of an old building and the construction of a new one, but at the same time it is necessary to preserve the structure of the offices, in which the same office furniture should remain.


🔸 One of the main tasks when transferring website content is to optimize the site during the development process so that there is no drop in visibility in search networks and organic SEO traffic.

🔸 First, we formed a technical specification for the designer, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Next, we developed a layout and a website design based on it.

🔸 Next is the process of layout and programming in CMS WordPress.

🔸 Moved content from the old site to the new one. We have completed the testing phase of the finished website and are still providing technical support.


This case showed that with proper website modernization taking into account SEO requirements, the site’s position is not only preserved, but begins to grow rapidly. Thus, on the client’s website, the conversion rate increased by 10%, organic traffic more than doubled, and bounce rates decreased by 9%.

If you also need to modernize your website, create it from scratch, or need consultation, leave a request on the website.

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