Fixing the error of checking in to a location (geo-position) when posting

Fixing the error of checking in to a location (geo-position) when posting
Setting the establishment's geo-position

Client: YAR Restaurant

Objective, problem: Fix the error of checking in to a location (geo-position) when posting

Service type: SMM

Social media: Facebook, Instagram

Objective Description

YAR restaurant from Odessa contacted us with the problem that their visitors could not check in to the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram. When a visitor tried to check in, the search for restaurants showed a duplicate of the official business page that the restaurant never created.

For businesses, this problem is fraught with the fact that visitors (including potential ones) will not be able to find up-to-date information about the company, resulting in less trust.


✔ For visitors to check in on Facebook and Instagram, a business page must meet several requirements. Thus, we rechecked the client’s page for compliance with them.

We manually corrected their address and added a geo-tag, since the address was not automatically detected on the map, and, therefore, was not displayed on the map on the Facebook page.

✔ When searching for a restaurant, only duplicate unofficial pages created automatically on Facebook were shown when people could not check-in.

We sent a request to Facebook support with the problem that the real page was not shown in the location search, and there were also unofficial duplicates that needed to be clarified.

✔ Together with Facebook support, we found out that the restaurant and its address were not on the map integrated into Facebook, so they contacted the map service support (wego.here.com) to add the restaurant manually.


As a result of our work, visitors can share the correct restaurant location with their friends, which increases brand awareness on social media.

It is important to note that positive results may take time since the Facebook system needs to be updated after manual changes.

If you also encounter a similar problem or need advice, contact us via social media using Direct or leave a request on the website.

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