The case of products’ integrated promotion via SMM

The case of products’ integrated promotion via SMM
Promotion through SMM

Client: Kupy Rakushku online food store (kupi-rakushku.od.ua)

Business area: HoReCa

Service: SMM

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok

Client’s task: Increase sales via SMM; increase brand awareness; attract new subscribers to warm up the audience through content; communicate the company’s philosophy, which lies in customer care and innovative services; customer feedback and reputation improvement.

Geo: Ukraine, Odesa

Initial data:

Start of active promotion via SMM: June 2023. There were 6 conversions from organic sales. Number of subscribers: 2305.

Search for solution

🔶 Developing a strategy and analyzing the target audience.

🔶 Developing a content plan based on an agreed content matrix.

🔶 Determining priority groups of products depending on the season and customer preferences.

🔶 Developing the strategy of advertising campaigns (AC), emphasizing sales and traffic increase to engage subscribers.

🔶 Analyzing data from Google Analytics, including audience parameters and the number of interaction points until the purchase. For this store, the average number of interaction points with the website until the purchase is 4.6, while the number of days from the first interaction is 18, so retargeting made sense for this project.

🔶 Analyzing competition, including social media, content, UTP, and advertising offers, taking them into account when developing offers.

🔶 Target audience segmentation for targeted advertising – we had to find an effective connection between the audience and creatives. We tested audiences based on direct (fish, seafood, meat, etc.) and indirect interests (cooking, food delivery, healthy lifestyle, etc.), look-alike audiences, and warm audience users for retargeting.


  1. We implemented and optimized the content plan (review of products, recommendations, recipes, interviews with the founder, etc.). Later, we added more Stories and Reels live content, interviews, product reviews, etc., since subscribers responded better.
  2. We tested and selected advertising campaigns within the strategy:

🔶 We tested advertising campaigns with the following objectives: sales, traffic, dynamic targeting (catalog sales), interaction, and awareness. As a result, we settled on sales to generate sales via the website and traffic to engage Instagram followers and further warm up the audience using content.

🔶 We tested ads for different product categories (the most popular products, fresh and frozen fish, steaks, caviar, special promotions, and holiday offers). Offers of fresh fish and top catalog products (in terms of sales) were the most effective.

🔶 We tested different audiences and found the ones that brought the best results (look-alike and direct interests).

🔶 We tested different regions – Odesa and large cities with delivery available. Large cities with delivery across Ukraine were more profitable than catalog sales in Odesa.

🔶 We selected creatives in different styles and tested various approaches, including ready-made meals, packaged and non-packaged products, videos, and photos. The review carousel and the catalog of products from the website were the most effective.

3. We arranged the shooting and creation of photo and video materials for various content and advertising offers (i.e. fresh fish delivery, and caviar on the occasion of the New Year).

4. Influence marketing and collaborations with restaurants, and creating image content with them.

5. Customer feedback via SMM, reputation control in social media, advising the client on customer communication.


  1. After 6 months of active promotion, we increased sales via social media approximately 6.7 times. We have 42 conversions during the reporting month and 4,241 subscribers.
  2. We have improved the company’s presentation in social media feeds.
  3. We increased the number of subscribers (the screenshot in the file dated summer 2023).
Increase in the volume of sales from social. networks approximately 6.7 times
Improving the presentation of the company in the feed of social media posts

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