Business Communication During the War

бизнес во время войны

🇺🇦 How can the Ukrainian business merge into one with the people when it is so important? We have selected examples of steps that brands are already taking today.

  • They take care of the safety of their customers and employees: they switch to online work, and if it is not possible, they introduce a special schedule and evacuate people during alarms to a safe place.
  • They are reorienting their business and give priority to goods (services) of primary and urgent necessity in wartime.
  • They use patriotic paraphernalia and symbols. Now it is a common courtesy to colour a business’s logo in the colours of our flag, as was done by Nova Poshta.
  • They use newsbreaks (like Olx), news and humour in social media. It is difficult to live in tension, so everything translates into humour. Comfy is very good at it.
  • They state their opinion on the war outright. Such steps are especially expected from large companies. For example, WOG has clearly stated its position.
  • They turn their focus toward supporting people, infrastructure or the Armed Forces. It could be a small donation or a purchase of expensive equipment. You can look up to Citrus and McDonalds.
  • They help organise and supply charitable foundations and volunteer organisations, relying on their business profile, resources, and contacts. And what is more, they say, they draw attention and conduct information work, which does not require any materials or resources.

We hope our material was useful and you will be inspired by those ideas for your own business. After all, now is the best time for customers to feel supported 😌

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