17 Ideas for photos when walking through the city

Several years ago, the famous English photographer Kim Ayres experimented and discovered that 90% of people do not like how they look in their photos. Impressive statistics, isn’t it? We would even say frightening.

If you belong to those 10%, feel free to participate in photo shooting sessions, and don’t worry about anything. But if you belong to those who always dislike your photos, this article is for you. The DMark team has prepared 17 ideas (poses) that will make your photos perfect or almost perfect.

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Urban amazon

When choosing beautiful poses for street photos, remember that they should be natural. Don’t stand still like a statue – move: put your hands into your pockets and take a small step, as if you are walking down the street of your favorite city. It is not required to look into the camera – choose some object away and fix your eyes on it. Never pose with tense shoulders – relax. Also, show your neck to demonstrate its beauty.

Beautiful pose for a photo on the street - Urban Amazon

Business portrait

Lean back against any vertical surface and avoid a straight body position. Move the weight of your body from two legs to one as if you are resting after a long walk. Put one hand into your pocket, using the other hand to hold your smartphone, and read a message from a friend. Don’t slouch; hold your gadget almost at face level. Imagine that at this moment you are so busy that you don’t even notice that you are being shot. And most importantly – tilt your head slightly to show off your neck. This will attract attention.

Pose for a photo on the street - Business portrait

Gentle hug

Another good idea for an outdoor photo shoot is to hug yourself with your arms, pretending to be cold. But do this on the move, walking slowly step by step. When walking, do not slouch; raise one shoulder and lower the other. At the same time, you can look around at flowering trees or cultural monuments. Act as if there is no photographer nearby. By the way, if you can show your hands in the photo, show them, don’t hide.

Interesting pose for a photo shoot - Gentle hug

Light wave

The “soldier” pose with your arms at your side makes you look stiff and unsure of yourself. This is the main mistake of posing both outdoors and indoors. Relax, but remember to maintain your posture. Cross your legs, moving your body weight from two legs to one. Give your hands freedom: place your left hand on your thigh, and place your right hand near your temple. You don’t have to keep your head perfectly straight; you can tilt it a little. Look into the camera and think about something important.

Light wave - posing on the street

Graceful vine

Classic posing on the street will no longer surprise anyone. Add mystery, intrigue, and understatement to your image – look into the camera sharply over your shoulder as if you are watching a person you don’t want to part with. Flirty a little, show your interest in something or someone. At the same time, watch your jawline and never slouch. Place one hand gently on your belt and straighten your hair with the other. The legs imitate walking, not fast, but waddle.

Photos during a walk - Graceful liana

Playful half-turn

Crossed arms in front of you indicate that you are closed. Open up! Turn your body a little, and imitate a step, while straightening your hair with your hand. Play with them, but modestly and unobtrusively. It is even better if it is windy at this time. Put your other hand into your pants pocket or hook your thumb into your belt. Do not pinch your lips as this makes your face look tense. Take a slight breath as if you want to say something.

Photo pose - Playful half-turn

Graceful curve

Before posing on the street, remember a simple rule: a too-straight pose is boring and banal. If you want to show your elegance and interest someone, slightly curve your body, bringing it closer to the shape of the letter S. To do this, straighten your shoulders, move your body weight to one leg, place one hand on your hip, and lower the other. Don’t hide your neck, watch your jawline, and don’t take your eyes off the camera.

Posing for a photo shoot - Graceful bend

Point of confidence

An interesting pose for a photo shoot in nature is sitting on a bench, but not straight, holding your hands on your knees, half-turned. Cross your legs, and put your hand on the back of the bench, while the other on your leg. Don’t look into the camera, pretend you are interested in something in the distance, or see someone you know. Never slouch, avoid tense shoulders, and maintain good posture. Your hands should be relaxed and visible—don’t hide them.

Photo Posing - Confidence Point

Personal space

Body language experts say that crossed arms act like a barrier between a person and the outside world. But if you relax and smile, this will show your friendliness, openness, and readiness for dialogue. Hair slightly blowing in the wind will also look good in the shot. When posing this way, remember a few rules: do not slouch, open your neck and hands, and relax your legs by moving your body weight from one leg to the other. If you stand half-turned, it will visually narrow your waist and make you appear even slimmer.

Beautiful pose for a photo - Personal space

Elegant pause

This pose for the street photo shooting is only suitable if there is some kind of building or structure nearby, i. e. support. Lean against the wall with your shoulder. Turn your face at a 45-degree angle: look into the distance, not into the camera. You can cross your legs and arms too, but do it naturally and casually. Do not slouch, straighten your shoulders, and be sure to watch your jawline – it should be clearly defined.

Favorable pose for a photo - Elegant pause

Happy farewell

You don’t know how to take photos on the street with outerwear in your hands? There is nothing complicated here: stand at an angle to the camera, turn to face it, and throw your jacket over your shoulder. If you simply hold the outerwear in your hands, it will seem unnecessary in the shot. Never slouch, keep your shoulders back – stretch. Do not purse your lips; smile modestly or take a light breath.

Correct pose when photographing - Happy farewell

Cozy walk

Use a jacket or sweater as a cape over your shoulders, but do it gracefully. Gently hold your outerwear with your hands, crossing them at chest level. Place one leg forward and the other one backward. A pose with feet shoulder-width apart is not our option. Do not shrink – you need to straighten up and feel proud and independent. And keep in mind this important point: photography doesn’t like straight lines, so bend your arms and legs slightly and turn your head. Emphasize your jawline – you will only benefit from this.

Photo idea for a girl - Cozy walk

Random shot

Among the numerous poses for photo shooting in the city, poses in motion always win. Walk, don’t stand still. The process of walking adds dynamics to the shot, making it more interesting and alive. While walking, one hand can be free and the other in your pocket. You must look into the camera. As you walk, stretch up, keep your shoulders back, and keep your neck open. Do not purse your lips – smile or take a light breath.

Random frame

Running away from the paparazzi

For photos in the city, posing while standing with a handbag is not a good idea. It’s better to do this in motion not to look like a statue in the photo. Stand sideways to the photographer, and turn your head towards the camera, but not all the way – look as if into the distance. Emphasize one leg, and stand on your toes with the other, preparing for the next step. Play with a handbag or other accessory to add dynamics to the photo. The lips should be open; it is better to take a small breath. Avoid tense shoulders and watch your posture even while walking.

Running away from the paparazzi

Urban dynamics

One of the unusual ideas for taking photos on the street is going down the stairs or at least from the curb. But don’t take a photo directly when stepping down; capture the moment a few seconds before it. It’s easy to prepare for this event: stand on a step or curb with one foot, and get ready to take a step with the other. Hold your handbag with one hand and put the other into your pocket. When walking, do not slouch, straighten your neck, straighten your shoulders, and avoid closed postures. You don’t have to look into the camera.

Urban dynamics

Celebrity on a walk

The main tip for posing is to move the more active, the better. Your photos should be dynamic as standing poses cannot achieve this. Walk along the square or sidewalk as if you are late for a business meeting or following someone. Take one step at a time, confidently moving forward. You can put your hands into your pockets, and a handbag on your shoulder will not be superfluous. Maintain your posture, avoid shoulder tension, and keep your head straight, emphasizing your jawline. Do not purse your lips as this makes your face tense.

Celebrity on a walk

Unprepared elevated elegance

If you take a photo while standing near a building, choose a place with a sill, step, or other slight elevation (about 10-20 cm high). By placing one leg higher and the other lower, you will add originality to your look. In this case, it is advisable to stand half-turned but direct your gaze to the camera. You can tilt your body slightly forward, resting your elbow on your leg. If you stand half-turned, this will further emphasize your slim figure. Shoulders should be straight without tightness.

Elevated elegance without preparation

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