Professional poses for a photo shoot: how to create content to promote your company online?

Как позировать в офисе

Have you decided to arrange a corporate photo shoot to update the content on your website to develop your business or implement a specific Internet marketing idea? Do you want to highlight your company status, run an advertising campaign, and attract new clients and partners?

Follow these instructions, using our ideas for a photo shoot in an office as a basis, and you will realize your plans in just a few hours and, most importantly, on the first try. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

IMPORTANT! All the photos below were taken without professional photographic equipment using only a mobile phone.

Coffee break

If you don’t know what pose to choose for a photo, improvise. Take it at your workplace or somewhere in the hall, holding a glass or thermal mug of coffee in your hands. Show you have decided to leave the office for 10 minutes and take a break from work. This is easy: throw your outerwear (like a jacket) over your shoulder and look towards the room exit. The “escape plan” is ready. Keep your head straight, tilting it slightly to the side. Show your neck, jawline, and hands. Relax your legs – you don’t have to stand like a tin soldier.

Beautiful pose for a photo in the office - Coffee break

Plan maker

If you have an outstanding memory, you don’t have to write down your plan for the day. In other cases, you’d better put a diary in front of you, take a marker or pen in your hand, and jot down the main points so as not to forget them. You can put your hands on the table and pretend you are writing. Maintain your posture and look at the camera while smiling. If you have long hair, you can let it down. Do not tilt your head down too much, since you will hide your neck, which is not very good. The office style also matters – you’d better remove all unnecessary stuff from the frame, and zoom in on the employee as much as possible.

Posing for a photo in the office - Plan Maker

Playful employee

On your way to a meeting, stop near a wall with a company logo or other corporate symbols and take a photo. A diary in your hands will demonstrate that you have serious intentions. If you want to show playfulness, cover half of your face vertically with it. Peek out from behind it as if you are playing hide and seek. Relax your shoulders, do not hide your hands, bend your right arm at the elbow, and support it with a notepad. Keep your head straight and look at the camera. Remember that business poses for a photo shoot do not have to be serious.

Interesting pose for an office photo shoot - Playful employee

Thoughtful lady

When a person is relaxed, poses for a business photo shoot look most good. It can be a workplace with a free and friendly atmosphere. Sit in a chair, cross your legs, and lean one arm on the armrest, while taking a cup of tea or coffee with the other. Don’t look at the camera, but rather into the distance – this will create a thoughtful effect. However, the body itself should be directed almost towards the camera. Leave your laptop open as if you saw a task on the screen and are generating ideas and looking for solutions.

Miss thoughtfulness - posing in the office


Don’t be afraid to create team content and show your work process, moments of generating ideas, and discussing the work details with others. If this is truly a brainstorming session, you need to have employees interacting with each other. Pick a common subject and focus on it. This could be a PC monitor, tablet, or laptop. Show that you are having a vigorous discussion. But don’t forget about straight backs, proper arm position, and relaxed shoulders. Do not look at the camera – imagine the photographer is not nearby.

Photos while working - Brainstorming


The basic rule of a corporate-style photo shoot is to shoot everything naturally, without obvious staging or tinsel. Leave the essentials only on the employee’s desk – a computer, a diary, or a pen. The employee himself or herself should look joyful and confident. While sitting in a chair, maintain your pose, do not tilt your head, lean your elbows on the table, and gently touch your chin with your hands. Looking into the camera is a prerequisite for a quality shot. Do not compress your lips too much, as this symbolizes your closedness and reluctance to engage in dialogue.

Photo pose - In natural environment

Dialog partner

Many employees like to take breaks, gathering in the recreation area. They have small talks, discussing news and new movies. So, you need to capture the moment of communication using mobile photography. Sit in a chair or on a sofa, take your smartphone, hold it in front of you, listen carefully to your dialog partner, and look at him or her. You can rest your elbow on a pillow or armrest, and cross your legs. Tilt your head slightly to the side, but not too much. Don’t slouch or lift your shoulders.

Posing for a photo shoot - Interlocutor

Reporting confidently

Imagine that your boss has urgently called you up, and you are in front of his office. Don’t be afraid; feel confident that your report is good. Do not hold the folder with both hands – it indicates closedness and fear. You’d better do it with your left hand and support it with your right. Stand straight, maintain a pose, look at the camera, smile, and show your jawline and neck. What’s better to take photos in? A win-win option is a business suit; however, other looks are also possible.

Posing photos at work - Confidently at the report


Many people associate this pose with the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. He also liked to sit comfortably, touching his chin with one hand, and holding some kind of scroll or sheet of papyrus in the other hand. Sit down in your work chair, take your smartphone or tablet instead of antique writing and you’re done. The main thing is not to slouch or hide your eyes – they should show interest. You can rest the hand holding the gadget on the armrest – it’s more comfortable and natural. Smile slightly – this will show that the information in front of you is pleasant, not negative.

Beautiful pose for an office photo - Thinker

Slow down, I’m writing it down

Sit comfortably in a chair or on an office sofa, open your diary, take a pen, and write down your tasks for today. Expand the notebook so that your notes are visible – this way you will show both your openness and that you are not imitating the process. Lean back on the sofa or chair, but maintain your pose with your head slightly tilted forward. Do not hide your hands under any circumstances; watch your jawline. Pose half-turned with a smile since you express your friendliness and joy.

Favorable pose for a photo - “Slow down, I’m recording”

Master of the situation

While choosing angles for shooting at the workplace, focus on the following. Sit carefully on the table edge, leaning on one leg only – you can slightly raise the other at the knee. Cross your arms in front of you. In this case, this will not indicate your closedness, but demonstrate self-confidence. Show that you are the master of the situation and control everything in the office down to the smallest detail. Straighten your back and shoulders – such an employee should never slouch. Leave a pen and diary on your desk behind or near you to increase respectability.

Correct pose when photographing - Master of the situation

Ready for dialogue

Before shooting people in the office, understand what kind of shooting it will be – portrait or other. In this case, it is the first option, since we have captured the employee’s internal character. And she is ready for dialogue: piercing gaze, self-confidence, and openness. Sit on an office sofa or chair, preferably crossing your legs. You can rest one elbow on the pillow, and put the other hand on your leg, relaxing it. Do not cross your arms as it indicates your closedness. The location is an office, a hall, or a reception area.

Idea for a photo for a girl - Ready for dialogue

Employee of the month

A common idea for an office photo is the employee of the day, week, or month. You can choose any office space as a background. The best employee should feel confident that he or she is the best. Do not slouch or cross your arms. Keep your head straight, but your body can be slightly tilted to the side. Lean your elbow on the chair armrest, elegantly, and carefully cross your legs. Look at the camera and smile discreetly. Do you want to look more prestigious? Take the glasses in your hand.

Employee of the month

Mild tiredness

An original idea for a corporate photo shoot is to demonstrate your tiredness after a fruitful day at work. Stand in the doorway, and lean your shoulder on it, hinting you’ll be home soon. Never look exhausted; tiredness should be mild. Don’t slouch, keep your head almost straight, tilting it slightly to the side. You can put your hands into your pockets. Play with your hair – it will not be amiss. Look at the camera, and don’t forget to smile.

Mild fatigue

Working on the go

How can you take a memorable business photo? Show that you are ready to work in any conditions. Take a laptop, stand in front of or near a table, and imitate the work process. At the same time, take a break from important things for a moment and look at the camera. Stand straight, do not slouch or tense your shoulders – they should be relaxed. Smile, because such corporate photos are much nicer to look at. You can choose any location, except for the table since it is beaten and predictable.

Work on the go

Inseparable friends

It’s hard to imagine poses for a business photo shoot without a laptop or any other gadget because this is the most common tool in any office. If you are not at work right now, but running into the recreation area for a cup of coffee, take your laptop with you anyway. Hold it in one hand, pressed to your chest, while a tasty drink in the other at approximately the same height. It is better to look at the camera. A smile will emphasize your good mood and desire to continue working after a short break. Shoulders should be straight; maintain your posture, and don’t be shy about showing your neck.

Inseparable friends

At work

The office dominates as a shooting location, especially if you want to create corporate content. Most often, employees are shot at their workplaces – at a computer or laptop. Of course, you can drown yourself in work, but you’d better distract yourself while shooting, grab a coffee, and look at the camera. Hold the coffee in front of you with both hands, with your elbows on the table. Sit upright with both your back and shoulders straight. Don’t purse your lips too tightly not to make your face look tense. Smile moderately; convince others of your sincerity and friendliness.

At work

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So, we have told you how to create the proper content with mobilography, avoiding serious mistakes and achieving maximum results. Anyway, you can experiment but do not go too far. Good luck!

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