5 Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

1. Smart page filling
Create a high-quality profile header that will immediately tell readers what your blog is about and why it is worth reading. Complete the background with suitable words, hashtags, and geolocation.
Think of a style and colour scheme, and stick to it. This will make the page look harmonious, attractive and professional.

2. Posting photos
Be consistent. Think about who you are posting content for and why. Post a photo with the face visible (researches show that such photos are 35% more popular than others). Share live photos. Show that there is a real person behind a beautiful picture.

3. Text content
A post should be bright, emotional, and catchy. Communicate with your audience through posts if you want your subscribers to love you. When choosing a content format, focus on the behaviour of your audience — post the content that your subscribers are more likely to interact with.

4. Activity
Be active on a profile — share your stories, experiences, and thoughts. This is how you will gain trust and connect with people. Tag other people on photos, hold contests, and communicate with subscribers in the comments.

5. Cooperation
Collaborate with other users for mutually beneficial promotion. Buy ads from popular bloggers with a large audience. Arrange collaborations and joint events. This way more people will know about you and your brand.

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