Want to take a look behind the scenes of our work? We decided to tell you about one of our services — mobile shooting. On the cover you can see how this process takes place.

There are such areas in business where it is important to show customers up-to-date information about how this or that product looks like and in the shortest possible time. In order to exclude the “expectation/reality” effect for the end user of our clients, we offer such a service.

In the modern world, not many companies have time to organize a full-fledged photo and video shooting. It is time and resource consuming, requires careful preparation and you have to wait for the processed material to transfer it to the specialist who is responsible for the content.

Mobile shooting is called so not only because of what is done on the phone, but also because we can quickly go to the location of the company and quickly shoot relevant material.

Agree, how convenient it is when one team of specialists deals with all these issues, which draws up a content plan, makes mobile shooting in exactly the format that suits a particular direction, processes and posts the material, and the client only has to provide the necessary goods.

From the outside, it may seem that everyone can withdraw on a mobile phone, but no. This, too, needs to be learned, to hone your skills and craftsmanship. This is the ability to shoot in any conditions and with limited time, and it is better to transfer this to professionals.

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