Best photo and video editing services 2022

Лучшие сервисы для обработки фотографий

Any business needs high-quality and attractive visual content for promotion. According to statistics, bright visuals increase interest in text content for 80% of consumers. Nowadays, when people are overloaded with a variety of information, only 10% can remember advertising messages heard three days ago, while texts with the addition of spectacular pictures and videos remember 65% of potential buyers of a product or service. Overall, content with eye-catching visuals gets 95% more views than plain text, regardless of content.

Blogging is a separate type of business that is built solely on visual content. Often, it is not so much the personality of the blogger himself and the actual usefulness of his information that is important, but the brightness and attractiveness of the messages, because the greater the interest of subscribers and their number, the more chances the blogger has to interest advertisers. Videos and photos are shared 70 times more often than text types of content, which is why visual content is the most important part of marketing today.

Developers of photo and video applications are constantly improving programs that can make it easier for users to work with visual content. In this article, we have collected the most popular applications of 2022 that can help you promote goods, services and personal blogs on social networks.

  • 7Element – offers a lot of stickers for stories for different topics. In the free version, you can find a lot of interesting things, here the developers did not stint.
  • Summer.Fonts is an excellent application for creating spectacular stories, there are quite a lot of interesting fonts to choose from, including free ones; there are also very original stickers.
  • Picsart is a great all-in-one application for creative people. The free version offers an impressive collection of stickers, various fonts, lots of visual effects, free backgrounds, and more. Using the application is easy and convenient, the functionality is developed at a high level.
  • Canva is a well-known and already beloved program, but we will still mention it again. This feature-packed and user-friendly app provides a huge number of ready-made templates that you can change to match the colors and style of your brand. A large archive of photos and videos is also available to users.
  • Airbrush is a great application for editing photos and portraits in particular: even the free version has a lot of enhancement features, and all the effects look natural and attractive.
  • MagicEraser is a good application for neat cropping: it can cut out pictures, comments, elements and save them in png format. These individual pictures are easy to use in collages or as additions to any photo or video.
  • CapCut is a handy video processing application with the ability to apply many effects. The free version has a fairly wide functionality, and managing the application is easy and pleasant.
  • InShot is a slightly simpler application than the previous one, but much easier to manage. Great for basic video editing and also provides users with a wide range of functionality.

New photo and video processing programs are constantly appearing on the market, because the widespread use of visual content has already become the main trend in the development of any business. In the future, advertising messages will become more and more visualized and interactive, as people perceive information faster and easier through the visual channel. That is why brands are trying to exploit this feature of human nature by offering Internet users bright and attractive videos, photos, infographics and other types of media content processed in modern multifunctional programs.

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