Do website changes affect its positions?

Are you planning to change your website but don’t know whether it will affect its position?

❌ Companies that have lost their website positions in Google during modernization often address our company. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, nothing is done in terms of SEO.

Design changes can be classified as safe. Here it is important to save the URLs of images and not to forget about the “alt” and “title” attributes.

☝️ Structural changes are a more serious case. It is necessary to clearly define the pages that will be deleted, and create a list of pages, whose URLs will change. We use redirection 301 for them.

We check external links to priority pages. If there are purchased links, it is necessary to agree on URL replacements.

When switching to a new CMS, ideally leave all the old URLs. Then there will be no need to redirect them. However, a few platforms provide such an opportunity.

🤝 Our experience shows that correct actions regarding major website updates do not lead to negative consequences.

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