How Thousands of Ukrainians Open Businesses in the EU: Pitfalls and First Steps

🤔 After the start of the war, Ukrainians began to massively cross the western borders. And while some are taking their business with them, others have to start from scratch in a new place. Here are the top challenges our business people face 👇

🔷 First, the lack of information. But no need to feel helplessness since all the information is publicly available.

👉 For example, in Poland, there are service points for entrepreneurs.

🔷 Second is unfamiliarity with legal aspects — owners close their business even because they have not renewed their residence permits.

👉 In each UN country there is the UNHCR Refugee Agency representative office where one can receive legal assistance.

🔷 The third problem is language. Time must pass for free communication, so language courses are vital.

🇺🇦 We advise you to look for the Ukrainian diaspora who know what to do in every country. They will tell you where to go, share useful groups in social media and be able to help you make acquaintances.

And this is just the beginning. The most interesting thing is to earn the trust of customers, and that’s where marketing subtleties abroad arise.

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