How to prepare references

Как подготовить референсы

The eternal search for ideas..where to get them and how to create something unique? How to find inspiration to create content? Familiar! Then keep reading, let’s share a couple of life hacks.

Every work on an idea starts with examples. References are examples, or rather your inspiration.

Before filming or working on a page, post, story, you need to prepare references. Pick up a few examples of photos and videos that will directly or indirectly reflect your idea. If initially there is no specific idea of ​​what and how it should look, just start google for keywords from the general idea.

It is best to pick up at least 2-3 examples for each of the products/goods/services. Collect all the materials in one common document/folder using, for example, an EXCEL plate, where there will be a list of photos/videos/links in the form of a list, and opposite a small description of how exactly these examples can be applied to your idea.

To search for references, you can use everything that is available on the Internet, for example: Google Images, FB, Instagram, FB Library, Pinterest, TikTok, photo / video stocks such as: Unsplash, Pexels, Pixlr, Pxhere, Stocksnap, Pixabay, Artstation , Ad Forum.

For even more efficient preparation of materials and ideas, you can save all the ideas you like for no reason at all in one folder, and then going there, you will have a storehouse of ideas for more and more new content.

Be inspired the right way. Get inspired with us!

reference preparation

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