How to protect your data

Как защитить свои данные?

Today, on the 27th of January, the world celebrates International Data Protection Day.

Data Protection Day aims to raise awareness and promote privacy and best practices for data protection.

How to protect your personal and corporate information from intruders and fraudsters on the Internet? Here are some simple rules

🔶 Be sure to enable two-factor authentication so that even after receiving a password, an intruder cannot use it because they don’t have access to your phone or application.

🔶 Ideally, use a chaotic set of numbers and Latin letters for passwords. Don’t use names or just words. Do not repeat passwords anywhere — in no case the password must be linked with another one.

🔶 Set additional emails and numbers in profiles in case of account recovery.

🔶 Do not save passwords in messengers. If you transfer them, be sure to delete them on all devices. Store passwords in special reliable services and applications.

Keep the most important passwords, like bank passwords, in separate applications for storing passwords.

🔶 Use automatic saving of passwords in browsers and other programs only on your devices to which you have constant access.

🔶 Avoid applications and websites that do not specify the purpose of processing personal data (PD). You will not know how your PD will be used later.

🔶 Do not give apps permissions that don’t affect their functionality.

🔶 Do not tell your card PIN to bank employees, and never share CVV (3 digits on the back of the card) with anyone.

🔶 Never go to phishing (fake) websites — they may look like official ones, so check that the address is correct.

🔶 Install an antivirus on all your gadgets.

🔶 Always check the sender’s email address. If it differs by even one character from the address of a true person or entity, do not open this email.

Note that those are only the basic rules. Protecting large companies involves a significant number of technical points forming an ecosystem.

How to protect your data

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