Online store from scratch: how to quickly unwind?

Интернет-магазин с нуля. Как быстро раскрутить?

Why do some stores manage to quickly enter the market in 2-3 months, while others fail to do so for many years?

Each business is unique – there is no single working scheme that guarantees results for everyone, but there is an algorithm that helps to approach the development of an online store in the right way.

Let’s take a closer look at what affects the speed of website promotion.

  • A well-formed marketing strategy: development paths, knowledge of the target audience, the level of demand and competition, the choice of promotion method and tools.
  • Brand awareness. If the company already has an offline store or used other web sites (social networks, landing pages).
  • The presence of a client base at the time the site was launched.
  • Built-in structure of business processes: logistics, sales scripts, work with reviews, etc.
  • Quality and frequently updated content. The ability to create your own photo and video materials for the presentation of goods.
  • Constant development and SEO-optimization of the site.

In terms of the advertising budget, everything is individual. When forming it, you need to rely on many factors, including: the cost of your product, marginality, advertising campaign goals, business size and conditions for its existence. (If we talk about the recommended advertising budget, everything is individual and depends on the cost of your product, margin and goals)

Example: a local company focused on one region, which only needs to be known to as many potential buyers as possible within six months, can spend from $2 per day. But you should not expect super results at such expenses. On average, for a real flow of customers, the recommended budget for an online store starts at $1,000 per month.

It should be noted that a direct increase in the advertising budget does not mean a guaranteed acceleration of business development. The result depends on taking into account all the above criteria and proportional attention to each of them.

The speed of development depends on a well-thought-out promotion plan.

And it is better to trust the process of strategy formation to a team of specialists, and not to one person, because each specialized specialist will be able to do the maximum in his direction, even with modest budgetary possibilities.

Creating an online store from scratch and promoting it

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