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Инструмент для качественного контента

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring blogger? Thinking where to start, so that your videos are watched and want to subscribe?

If you don’t have someone to help you choose at least the initial tools, then you’re reading the right post. We, having extensive experience, can help with this difficult choice. So let’s get started.

Let’s look at 5 basic tools for creating high-quality photo and video material:

  • A good camera on a mobile phone. 99% of phones have a good camera, so this is no longer a problem at the moment. Look out for built-in features such as autofocus, as it often cannot be turned off and this makes shooting difficult.
  • A tripod and/or a monopod tripod are great helpers for selfie videos and product shooting, when you need a static picture, nothing better than a tripod or monopod with legs has yet been invented.
  • Light is the key to a high-quality picture. We do not recommend the use of an annular lamp because, due to its design, it does not provide the correct illumination. It is better to buy a monobloc (a constant light lamp) and a softbox, which provide hard and soft light.
  • Stabilizer – if your blog or business is focused on a large number of dynamic videos, we highly recommend purchasing this invention of mankind. With the use of a stabilizer, the picture becomes high-quality and professional.
  • Microphone is one of the most important details in any video. A good sound is able to attract the attention of a person to listen further, and not turn off in the first second due to wind, creaking, rustling, etc. Many brands now offer noise-canceling headphones with a microphone, but trust our experience, when quality is important, a lavalier is just what you need.

To get started, the tools listed above will be more than enough. With them you can realize all your ideas, repeat creatives from the Internet and realize a creative impulse. Start your blog or business right now, and we will help you with promotion.

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