Texts from ChatGPT: are they safe to use?

Использовать текст из GPT?

Our team of specialists has already figured out the issue of using texts from Chat GPT and can give their recommendations. Let’s figure out what are the risks, cons and pros.

First of all, you need to understand that the texts generated by Chat GPT are not unique. Using them on a site without proper processing can lead to problems with SEO optimization. Before publishing text without processing, it is better to check, at least, for uniqueness.

Why can’t Google rank texts written by Chat GPT?

The main reason is that Google uses many algorithms and mechanisms to evaluate content quality and relevance to a search query. Chat GPT has been seen giving false information. Even if the text passes all the checks, there is a chance that Google’s algorithms will recognize that the text is not written by a person and reject it.

There are several resources that help us understand who wrote the text:

  • GPT-2 Output Detector
  • Edubirdie

However, it should be borne in mind that Chat GPT is trained on a large number of different texts, so these services will not give a 100% guarantee, but will only help you get more information. We still recommend using the services of professional copywriters who know how to write and optimize the text correctly.

Chat GPT can and should still be used as a generator of ideas, structures, phrases, or in those situations where it is not so important to adhere to the requirements of unique content.

P.S. Some of this text was generated with Chat GPT, but we used it “artistically”.

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