Top 3 sites for smm-analysis of competitors

Very business has a “hand on the pulse” – this is the rule of survival! Monitoring our competitors in social networks is one of the most important actions.

We want to share with you some life hacks for checking and analyzing your competitors. Perhaps you are already actively using some of these sites or your marketer / smm specialist. Or maybe something will be useful to you to expand your information horizons.

So, here are the main applications that help many businesses to analyze their audience, choose bloggers for cooperation, track the development of competitors and recognize markups, as well as see overall engagement and much more. Almost all of the following sites report on the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

TrendHERO A useful feature is advertising monitoring. You can see how quickly and at what expense the profile of competitors is growing, and whether there were any markups.

Iconosquare There is a web version and apps for Android and iOS. It is possible to compare your performance according to the statistics of specific competitors, as well as the industry as a whole.

Minter.io provides detailed reports in a dashboard format with a large number of metrics. Allows you to track brand mentions and evaluate the position of your account among competitors.

Facebook Ads Library is a free way to look at your competitors’ ads, their creatives and the number of ad offers.

Top 3 sites for smm-analysis of competitors

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