TOP-5 myths about SEO

TOP-5 myths about SEO
SEO Myths

Probably, you’ve heard such words that “SEO doesn’t work anymore, so who needs it?” That’s why we decided to disprove some myths about SEO

Myth 1️⃣ SEO is at the end of the road

SEO will live on as long as search engines exist. If search engines only serve ads, they will cease to be search engines. Therefore, the ranking algorithms are constantly updated to enable website owners to promote them through optimization.

Myth 2️⃣ You need a big budget

The cost of SEO depends on many factors — business size, keyword competitiveness, advertising campaign objectives, and the scope of work. It does not mean that SEO is expensive in any way. It’s an investment in the long-term success of your online presence. Even small steps can lead to significant results.

Myth 3️⃣ Link building does not work anymore

A misconception based on a misunderstanding of two rules of SEO promotion:

1) Not only links work.

2) Not all links work.

It does not eliminate the need to increase the reference mass. It’s because now ranking algorithms are increasing the importance of quality over quantity.

Myth 4️⃣ One can set up SEO once and forget about it

SEO promotion aims at obtaining long-term results. You perform some part of the optimization once. But SEO is not just about “technical” settings. It also includes filling the website with content, increasing optimized queries, or increasing the mass of links. And you need to work on this constantly.

Myth 5️⃣ I can easily perform SEO by myself

While you can learn and apply the basics of SEO by yourself, its deep and efficient use requires specialized knowledge and experience. Understanding the algorithms, constantly tracking changes in trends, and adapting the strategy to changes require professional skills and expertise.

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