Ukrainian online store and website builders: what should you choose?

A website builder saves a huge amount of time and financial resources. Only some websites or online stores need a self-written CMS and a custom website from scratch, whose development takes many weeks and is quite expensive. Modern platforms for creating websites, landing pages, and online stores have enough functionality for unique design and integration with all the tools required for business. This article will discuss popular Ukrainian builders.


This builder can help you create a landing website for collecting leads or a simple website with several pages. It has a multilingual support service with prompt feedback.

Choose a project type and template to start creating a website on SendPulse. After that, you can build a page using blocks. There can be any number of them; they can be placed on the page in any sequence; and you can add buttons, links, text blocks, etc.

SendPulse has its system with integrated tools — a chatbot builder, a mailing service, push notifications, and SMS. This builder can also interact with the platform to create educational programs – a great feature for businesses selling educational services.

Pros of SendPulse

  • Easy integration of all tools required for work;
  • Availability of a platform for creating online courses;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • An interface that is easy even for beginners;
  • Each task has detailed instructions;
  • Opportunities for SEO.

Cons of SendPulse

  • Limited functionality of the free version;
  • Lack of functionality for trading – this platform is more suitable for creating landing pages, brand pages, etc.


It is a flexible and easy-to-use SaaS platform with a huge space for making unique websites, even if they are created as per a template. A large selection of design templates and the wide functionality of the admin panel allow you to “juggle” blocks, images, and other content on a page, creating unique, original, and attractive online stores.

This builder was created specifically for online stores. Its functionality maximizes conversion by placing product cards on the blog article page. This way, a buyer heated by high-quality and interesting content sees a link to the product and instantly places an order.

Also, the Shop-Express platform (shop-express.ua) allows the creation of a website with a custom design or a B2B portal. The builder has a set of functions in this segment – the client base segregation, setting individual prices for individual segments, discounts and promotion codes for partners or wholesale customers, combining several warehouses into one system, etc. These functions facilitate trade in the B2B segment and separate it from B2C if the business covers both directions.

At the same time, you need a few days to create an online store – you can upload the range of products in one file. This builder also has all the integrations required for business – payment systems, mailing services, and marketing and analytical tools. They all are on the administrative panel: to use a tool, it is enough to put a checkmark next to it.

Pros of Shop-Express

  • Multilingualism and multicurrency;
  • Flexible functionality and wide possibilities for brand design;
  • The possibility of creating own design without templates;
  • A separate set of functions for the B2B segment;
  • Quick communication with technical support;
  • Absence of sales commissions;
  • A wide price range, a large selection of various functions and rates;
  • All integrations required for business.
  • Websites are created easily and quickly

Cons of Shop-Express

  • The free period lasts only 7 days;
  • The limited number of products – up to 50 thousand;
  • No integration with foreign marketplaces (Etsy, Amazon).


Ukraine’s largest online marketplace also has a builder function. Any seller can create a website and online store based on this platform without hiring developers.

The platform has a manual with a detailed description of the functionality and a useful informative blog for new entrepreneurs – ‎Sprava.

The Prom builder has a desktop and a mobile version as an application. It has its tool for product promotion – ProSale catalog, through which you can bring product display to the top for an additional fee, ad block, and Google ads from Prom.

Depending on the product category, a 5% to 16% sales commission is charged for using the platform.

In addition to the hosting fee, the price includes a guarantee payment (balance) for product promotion in the ProSale catalog.

Pros of Prom.ua

  • Access to the all-Ukrainian market;
  • Detailed instructions for creating and configuring a website;
  • An interesting meaningful thematic blog;
  • A tool for promoting products on the platform and in search engines;
  • Three separate sales channels (website, catalog, and mobile application);
  • A large selection of integrated payment systems.

Cons of Prom.ua

  • Sales commission;
  • You separately pay for product promotion;
  • Limited number of products – up to 10 thousand;
  • Limited design possibilities.


Choosing a platform for creating a website or online store depends on what exactly you want. Different platforms may have different functions and tools – some are more suitable for creating landing pages and brand websites, and others allow the creation of full-fledged online stores or the promotion of products and expansion of the client base.

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