What is better to choose for a new website: SEO or contextual advertising?

What is better to choose for a new website: SEO or contextual advertising?

Have you created a website, but have limited funds to invest in its promotion? Do you think it’s better to choose: SEO or contextual advertising?

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🔸 Immediately after developing a new website, the task is always to quickly index it in a search engine. And this is SEO work. By doing basic optimization for Google’s requirements, you will provide a solid foundation for promotion. Without proper indexing, there may be future SEO problems.

🔸 If you have a landing page or a website for one event, or some other one-page website that does not need indexing in organic search, and which is designed only for paid traffic, then, definitely, contextual advertising will be the main tool here.

🔸 We also recommend using contextual advertising when, having a new website, you still don’t know exactly which search queries will be most profitable specifically for this site.

It often happens that a new project involves investments in SEO not with the right keys. The context will allow you to quickly receive targeted traffic, and from it you will make the right conclusions about which keys will be optimal for your site. This will be a good test: you will be able to analyze user behavior, find out the sore spots, improve and finalize the site.

🔸 If you have a multi-page website, then our recommendation is to act in the following order: first basic SEO, then contextual advertising, do analysis, conclusions and then finalize the site and promotion strategy. Then launch contextual advertising again and make a profit, which will allow you to conduct full-fledged integrated advertising and develop comprehensively.

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