TOP 10 solutions for business, how to survive wartime

TOP 10 solutions for business, how to survive wartime

If you do not plan to lose a client and give them to your competitors, then 100% we do not stop our activities. It is important to optimize the work, as well as competently build marketing communication, taking into account the new conditions.

In any crisis, people do not stop buying, only their priorities change. If you adapt to new conditions, become more flexible, mobile, relevant, then you will securely gain a foothold in the new market.

Our recommendations:

  • Provide the business with the necessary equipment for uninterrupted operation.
  • Explore relevant niches in the market associated with some kind of shortage, for example: generators in blackout, bicycles / scooters in a gasoline crisis, etc.
  • Seek customers/orders from other cities/countries, move equipment to a safer location if it makes your business safe and economically viable.
  • Adapt the work schedule of employees to the new conditions, organize remote work if possible.
  • Work out the psychological state of employees, because martial law affects everyone differently.
  • Stay connected on social networks, communicate with your audience and constantly update content. Tell company news, how the company works under new circumstances (blackout, unstable Internet, etc.).
  • Talking about your charitable work is a good example for your competitors and audience.
  • Shift focus from a long-term development strategy to shorter-term goals and build a development plan for “after victory”.
  • Filter business: “strategically necessary” and “vitally necessary”. Do not be afraid to abandon the familiar in favor of a better and more profitable solution.
  • Do not speculate on values – keep a balance between war and peaceful life.

Thanks to hard work and instant reaction to circumstances, you can not only save what you have acquired, but also grow. Or maybe you will discover new opportunities and additional directions in this difficult time.

TOP 10 solutions for business, how to survive wartime

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